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2014-07-23, 23:53
Hey all,

Lots of work has been going on over the past few months towards the next PR: Falklands release and with today also being the 10th Anniversary of the Project Reality Forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/14-welcome.html), I thought I might share some of the stuff we have been working on with you ;)

New A-4 Skyhawk Variants
First up is the new A-4 Skyhawk variants. Before we use to only have the Argentine A-4C which was mainly down to small player numbers and not wanting to use up too much of the client's memory but with expanded server capacity, advances in texture optimization methods and also with the Vehicle Warfare layer being pretty popular we have decided to make all the different A-4 variants used by the Argentinians during the Falklands War, each with its own unique weapons loadout.
During the 1982 Falklands War, Argentina deployed 48 Skyhawk warplanes. Armed with unguided bombs and lacking any electronic or missile self-defence other than some DIY Chaff, Argentine Skyhawks sank the Type 42 destroyer Coventry and the Type 21 frigates Antelope and Ardent, as well as inflicting heavy damage on several others
In all, 22 Skyhawks were lost to all causes in the six-week-long war. These losses included eight to British Sea Harriers, seven to ship-launched surface-to-air missiles, four to ground-launched surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft fire (including one to "friendly fire"), and three to crashes.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4_2.jpg)
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4_1.jpg)

A-4B Skyhawk
The Argentine Air Force's A-4B, also known as the A-4P (Export version of the B but known in Argentina as the B) was the main Skyhawk used during the Falklands War with Argentine deploying around 26 of them.
Ingame the A-4B will be armed with three USA made Mk82 500lb General Purpose dumb Bombs (GBP) and two 20mm Colt Mk.12 Cannons with 200 rounds between them, which use to be the old A-4C load out in previous releases and this will be the most common A-4 seen ingame.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_1.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_2.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_3_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4B_3.jpg)
Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: MasterX & [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
HUD: [R-DEV]Moszeusz6Pl

A-4Q Skyhawk
The Argentine Navy's A-4Q, which is an A-4B that has been modified to have five weapon pylons and to be able to carry AIM-9B Sidewinders, was the least common Skyhawk field during the war with only 10 being used. That said the A-4Q was the most combat effective of all the Skyhawks, mainly because their bombs where fused correctly from the begging of the war unlike the Argentine Air Force planes, with them slinking the Type 21 Frigate HMS Ardent and only loosing three of the ten aircraft used during the war. The A-4Q was also the only one of the Skyhawks fielded with air to air missiles during the war, although only up to the 1st of May.
Ingame the A-4Q will be armed with one Mk82 500lb bomb, two AIM-9B Sidewinder air to air missiles and two 20mm Colt Mk.12 Cannons with 200 rounds between them.
Although the AIM-9B has a much shorter range and smaller payload than the British Sea Harrier's AIM-9L, it should still give the A-4Q a bit of self defence if not allow the it to go on the offensive some times. It will also be the least common Skyhawk ingame but not so uncommon that you wont ever see it.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_1.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_2.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_3_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4Q_3.jpg)
Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: MasterX & [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
HUD: [R-DEV]Moszeusz6Pl

A-4C Skyhawk
The Argentine Air Force's A-4C is the night/adverse weather version of A4D-2, with AN/APG-53A radar, autopilot, LABS low-altitude bombing system and a Wright J65-W-20 engine with 8,200 lbf (36 kN) of takeoff thrust. Argentine fielded 12 of these during the Falklands War but only three of them survived.
Ingame the A-4C will be armed with one British Made Mk17 1000lb GPB and two 20mm Colt Mk.12 Cannons with 200 rounds between them. The advantages of this load out is that its easier to hit a target directly and get out of the hot zone quickly when only dropping one large bomb instead of three small ones like the A-4B has ;)
Although currently this A-4C has a Mk83 1000lb GPB as a place holder for the Mk17 as it has yet to be made and is an open community task (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f605-community-tasks/110920-falklands-community-tasks.html) for anyone wanting to give modelling a go on something repetitively simple to make.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_1.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_2.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_3_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/A4C_3.jpg)
Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
HUD: [R-DEV]Moszeusz6Pl

Anti-Ship Mirage IIIEA
On top of the Skyhawk textures we also felt that it would be a good idea to make the Anti-Ship version of the Mirage IIIEA, which is a place holder for the Super Etendard, more easily distinguish from its Air Superiority Fighter variant. Before you could only tell them apart from looking closely at the missiles on their belly hardpoint, which are hard to see and at first glance are quite similar in shape and size. As such we have made a "Argentine Navy" camo for the Anti-Ship version of the Mirage based on the Super Etendard's camo.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_5_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_5.jpg)
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_1.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_2.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_3_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_3.jpg)

We have also made a new "Radar Screen" HUD for its AM 39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile which will be your only frame of reference while trying to lock onto a ship:
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_4_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/M3AS_4.jpg)
Model: AIX mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: CTRifle & ZondaX15
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
HUD: [R-DEV]Moszeusz6Pl

Improved AM 39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile
We have also improved the AM 39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile texture from the last release to give it quite a bit more colour and detail, as well as making it more realistic to the Exocet used during the Falklands War.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_1_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_1.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_2_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_2.jpg)https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_3_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/AM39_3.jpg)
Model: [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: CTRifle & nater
Coding: [R-DEV]Rhino

Argentine Chinook CH-47C
Since in v1.0 the Chopper Classes got a bit of an overhaul (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/119349-transport-helicopter-updates.html) and with the addition of 100 player servers the Argentinians required a bit of a boost to their logistical capabilities. Argentine deployed a total of four Chinooks to the Falklands Islands during the war which was heavily involved in resupplying the Argentinians forward positions. As per the other Chinooks in PR v1.0 it is classed as a Heavy Lift Helicopter which will carry two heavy supply crates, but unlike most of our other Chinooks will not be armed with any weapons.
https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/CH47C_tn.jpg (https://media.realitymod.com/highlights/falklands/update_23-07-14/CH47C.jpg)
Model: Stigger
Texture: Brammflakes & Stigger

We hope you like these new additions and stay tuned for more!

2014-07-23, 23:59
HOT DAMN, loving the work, Rhino. Hopefully I can find the time to finish my modular FN series!

2014-07-24, 00:17
Look's sweet.

2014-07-24, 01:31
I didn't know the Argentinians had AIM missiles at all. Nice to give cover to the bombers and exocet equipped planes.

2014-07-24, 02:28
We can shot down ships?

2014-07-24, 02:50
Wonderful looking models and textures. 8) can't wait to see this minimod get released. I'm so glad you guys are still pumping out work on this.

2014-07-24, 02:52
We can shot down ships?

Yes, as in the real war if the Atlantic conveyor is sunk no more Chinooks for the brits.

2014-07-24, 02:55
There was a Falklands update 1-14?

2014-07-24, 03:41
Beautiful textures and updates, great work! :D

2014-07-24, 05:07
Awesome work, can't wait for this to come out.

2014-07-24, 08:00
Looking bloody awesome Rhino keep it up!

2014-07-24, 08:40
Pretty good job there...
A-4 was one of my favs,I'm really glad it got love it deserved.
This Falklands mod is getting really good shape.

2014-07-24, 08:44
Oh god, this is looking super cool and I'd love to try it out ! Thanks Rhino & company and keep up the good work guys ! :)

2014-07-24, 09:47
Happy Birthday PR!

Great update can't wait to see those guys fly over my head.

2014-07-24, 09:54
Cheers guys! :D

There was a Falklands update 1-14?

Yep you can find them here:

We can shot down ships?

Yes, as in the real war if the Atlantic conveyor is sunk no more Chinooks for the brits.

Ye as per the PR:Falklands Update #7 (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115134-pr-falklands-update-7-a.html) here, if you scroll 1/2 way down the page you can find the orignal info about the "AM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile", as well as a load of other stuff ;)

2014-07-24, 10:27
in two words: Awesome!:D

2014-07-24, 11:59
Fantastic job. Maybe im not fliyng jets in PR so often, but i will call it for sure:)

2014-07-24, 14:49
in two words: Awesome!:D
This guy pretty much stole my post, so now I have to think of something else :p. I love you Rhino!


2014-07-24, 15:33
in two words: Awesome!:D

I think you will find that's one word ;)

2014-07-24, 15:42
Awesome! Happy birthday PR! Gave me very wonderful times!

As for jets;



2014-07-24, 16:02
Rhino;2024715']I think you will find that's one word ;)


2014-07-24, 19:05
Epic ! Just Epic !

2014-07-25, 16:42
i will ,i will, i will

2014-07-26, 14:37
I really cant wait to shoot Anti-ship missiles at some ships :D

2014-07-27, 12:34
That's pretty... pretty badass.

2014-07-30, 07:58
This is really awesome work! :)

2014-08-20, 17:40
Cant wait to play :D

2014-08-21, 10:49
Looks great cant wait

2014-08-21, 11:08
^ I think you won the "biggest sig ever" contest. Even though I think I saw a bigger one once.

Can't wait to be blown up by the tiny A4s :D

2014-08-21, 11:39
Can't wait to be blown up by the tiny A4s :D

You can also shoot them down as there will be quite a bit more of an Anti-Aircraft threat to jets in the next PR:F release ;)

2015-04-01, 03:12
Bashy stuff, But ah it mi or a dem yah planes flying towards ah boat?


Jafar Ironclad
2015-04-01, 08:21
Nah, that's just the Atlantic Conveyor mate.

2015-04-01, 12:04
it look gun boat to me like india army

Why No Include Army India?

2015-04-01, 12:21
maybe it is us americans coming to save the british like we did in ww2 and ww1

2015-04-01, 12:25
British should be thankful for the aim-9L sidewinders we gave them, without them Britain would have lost within a minute.

2015-04-01, 12:28
finally argentina air force have realistc jet fighters

2015-04-01, 12:57
maybe it is us americans coming to save the british like we did in ww2 and ww1

rabbit = bad troll

2015-04-01, 13:10
my name is james tibbar, you can see in the welcome thread, add me if you are cool cool cool to friends.

2015-04-01, 13:27
rabbit = bad troll

No this guys has been spamming me all day. It started with a PM yesterday and he keeps making new accounts on xfire and trying to add me.


2015-04-01, 21:11
I've warned him via PM.

2015-04-02, 18:36
So there is no connection to his name being yours backward? :D

2015-04-02, 19:55
...I can't believe I didn't notice that...


2015-04-10, 06:31
The first U.S. Navy A-7As were deployed to Vietnam in 1967 with VA-147 Argonauts aboard USS Ranger. The aircraft made their first combat sortie on 4 December 1967. In the following months, VA-147 flew around 1,400 sorties losing only one aircraft. In January 1968, USS Ranger participated in the incident surrounding the capture of USS Pueblo in the Sea of Japan by North Korea. The Navy's improved A-7B model arrived in Vietnam in early 1969, with the definitive A-7E following in 1971. The U.S. Navy's first A-7 loss occurred on 22 December 1967, less than three weeks after entering combat.

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