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2014-03-30, 23:38
Mortar Tutorial

This is going to be the second episode of PR Tips and Tactics in which I will be showing off features of PR as a teaching tool for new and current players. This episode is on mortars in PR. Mortars, if used correctly can be a useful weapon.
I plan on starting a series on Project reality in which i will be discussing my tactics, thoughts, and opinions with you guys while also LOL'ing around with the buddies!

As always please like and favorite this video, feel free to have a conversation about the video, project reality, whether or not PR is the game for you. Check out my other videos as well as the other series; PR tips and tactics and Please help support me by subscribing to the channel. I have a great deal of things I want to do at 100 subs.

thanks to Coyote Kisses for the great music
Intro by Coyote Kisses - Six Shooter

Outro - Destiny
Project Reality v1.0 Original score composed and produced by Scott Tobin

p.s. I apologize for the quality this time around with the video size. hwaving a bit of trouble with my editing software lately, will be fixed for later