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Wing Walker
2014-01-12, 15:55
Is it too crazy to think that all transport vehicles/helos should be able to carry 8 players at least?

Its just no good when you got to leave a guy behind or take two transporting vehicles out, limiting how many vehicles are available for your team.

2014-01-12, 16:03
It's been stated many times that it is impossible to have more than 8 slots in any vehicle due to BF2 code.

2014-01-12, 16:06

Wing Walker
2014-01-12, 16:16
Doesn't a humvee only have 5 though? 8 slots is what we would need.

2014-01-12, 16:20
It's not gonna happen :) if the vehicle doesn't have that space IRL we try not to add it.

If there are specific maps you are thinking of with too little transport, please feel free to feedback on that point so we can address those specific maps with extra helps/trucks/cars etc.

2014-01-12, 16:23
Doesn't a humvee only have 5 though? 8 slots is what we would need.

Just take 2 man, you even get twice the firepower for support with the weapons on them. And like Rudd said, if you keep seeing none left, or not enough, put it on the map feedback.

Wing Walker
2014-01-13, 17:27
I know, just seems like it would be better for everyone to be able to just take one vehicle since half the time they get left in the field.

I don't think anyone would complain about adding more humvees, rovers, or jeeps :thumbsup: