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2014-01-02, 04:21
PR:BF2 v1.0.35.0 (2013/08/10)

Added receive and faction specific audio cues when using PRMumble. These are optional and can be switched on and off in the Launcher -> Options -> Audio menu (default on).
Added PR:BF2 executables to the Windows Firewall when PRLauncher starts up, which should solve a few issues.
Added various new options to PRLauncher's Options window, including a default enabled option of clearing server favorites and history on launch. This will improve game launch time.
Fixed issue with PRLauncher that made the PRMumble transmit icons stay permanently on.
Fixed issue with system volume being modified by PRLauncher.
Attempted fix for occasional massive CPU usage with PRLauncher.
Several additional minor fixes and tweaks to PRLauncher.

Updated distance sound volumes for several tanks and APCs.
Slightly optimized the Light Supply Crate.
Increased cull distance on toolshed doors.
Removed entry points from the ARF and FR command posts, so you don't hop in them instead of the UAVs.
Fixed 25mm AP shooting the wood on a supply crate causing a client CTD.
Fixed missing localized fonts for Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese and Portuguese BR languages, causing a startup CTD.
Fixed NVA not being able to spot via radio.
Fixed French Machine Gunner kit in Co-Op being the same as the Automatic Rifleman.

Minor updates to various maps.