View Full Version : PR:BF2 v1.0.34.0 Changelog

2014-01-02, 04:21
PR:BF2 v1.0.34.0 (2013/08/07)

Fixed PRLauncher closing PRMumble on map change, and preventing restart.
Fixed PRLauncher losing team/squad/commander state resulting in you being stuck in the Team 2/No Squad channel in PRMumble.
Added optional (default on) radio transmission audio cue to PRMumble transmissions. This does not apply for local chat, and only you hear it when you transmit. Beep :).

Updated Leclerc with further fixes.
Updated the Water Container Victim-Operated IED's selection icon to imply it works on both vehicles and infantry.
Reduced C4 radius to destroy weapon caches from 0.7m to 0.2m, to prevent blowing up caches through walls.
Reduced Mk19 deviation from 0.9 to 0.3. It was 0.5 in v0.98.
Fixed armed UAZ jeep crashing when bots use its gun.