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2013-12-03, 20:34
Hey afterdune, long time no speak.

Just been mulling around in my head the idea of Normandy Insurgency, Which seems fairly possible though it would require a new faction 'French Resistance', i suppose in theory you could also do other resistance groups around the world, but french sounds the best due to availability of terrain types, bushes, trees, objects and buildings that you already have from your current maps to fit the scene.

Insurgency would very much be similar to the current insurgency main game, with the Wermacht as the 'blufor'.

The Wermacht weapons are fine as they are, The french will require a basic and limited spawn screen kits (aka only ones you can spawn with)

Resistance Cell leader - Sten SMG/MAS 36, P38 Pistol, Binocs, 2 X F1 grenades
Grenadier - MAS 36 Rifle/MP18, 8 X F1 Grenades
Resistance Rifle - Mas 36 Rifle/Enfield Rifle, 2 X F1 Grenades, Ammo
Resistance Fighter - Sten SMG/MP18, 2 X F1 Grenades No ammo or shovel
Resistance AR - MG34/DP28
Resistance Civilian - Unarmed, Rocks, Binocs, Grappling Hook, Medical gear,
Resistance Sapper - P38 Pistol/Colt 1911 Pistol, AT Mine, TNT Remote, Incendiary Charges

Cache Weapons Could be 3D Modes of MG42, M1 Bazooka, Enfield Sniper Rifle.

Now For the previous weapons mentioned, you would only only need the following new models:

Sten SMG, Mas 36, MP18, TNT Remote (This should be ingame, i believe from previous update, but cannont rember)

All the other weapons mentioned before are either in Project normady already or in Regular Project Reality. So the models can be re-used.

In reguards to other models that may need to be created. A few Civilian Cars/trucks of the era to use for vehicles, No need for Garrys though as they were not used.
Bicycles would be an amusing and appropriate transport to be modeled! Silent, no fuel, nimble yet obviously lacking any defence.

The Wermacht can use the Halftracks/Tanks they already have.

For maps, I would suggest an urban area in order to allow effectveness for insurgents. Perhaps a sunny beach side resort in france? Lots of colour, bridges and buildings, streets wide enough for cars and tanks, and perhaps a few bocages outside the vilage between German Base and the village.

Assets :

Resistance should be able to build hideout (or equiv), Barbed wire, Foxhole But no fixed MG/AT/Mortars.
Wehrmacht should be able to build all assets other that AA.

Resistance Vehicles are unarmed civilan vehicles, However if possibe allow the cars/trucks to have open slots to allow occupants to fire out while driving (excluding the bicycle!)
Wehrmacht Should have Halftracks, and Light/Medium armor (MAX Panzer 4). Logi Trucks, troop transport and jeeps.

French Resitance Look :

Very Easy, its WW2 So lots of plain colours, Shirt and trousers. If you really want to be ambitious you could try making a female model like this lovely from the film 'the longest day' http://www.strijdbewijs.nl/film/pega01.jpg

And thats that, I know you have a lot of work going on, and even if this idea is picked up (or been suggested before) Its simply to give you a few ideas to roll around your noggin.

It only needs to be one map at the start, but it will add a great second layer to Normandy.

2013-12-04, 23:33
Yeah we've been thinking about that for a while now! Great suggestion thread by the way.

What is more likely to happen before French Resistance is Germans using flak cannons or other armaments as "caches" that could be taken out by the Allies.

2013-12-06, 12:10
honestly i like the Pvt.LHeureux's idea of the German's having flak guns and other equipment as "caches" it sounds like a lot of fun although i'm not sure any of the current maps are big enough for it.

2014-02-13, 17:05
This would be a very balanced gamemode equipment vise. I like the idea, no, in fact, I love it. I'd be fine with whatever team I'd end up on. Usually, no matter what gamemode or map it is. I just spam the Blufor team button. Unless it's Black Gold.

2014-06-24, 01:57
The "INS" with FLAKs would be goddamn amazing. Reminds me heavily of the oldschool Medal of Honor.

2014-06-24, 02:44
I love the French resistance Idea! However I can imagine the creation of new player models might be something of a hindrance to its realization.

2014-06-24, 16:08
Dang it tyso you stole my idea! :) I was actually thinking of about the same thing as you. But I like your ideas better.

2016-03-25, 13:16
Speaking of Insurgents, when the Japs occupied my country (Republic of the Philippines) a huge number of civilians immediately turned into militia and fought Japs, they were using both US and Captured Jap equipment. Also by the way are there gonna be Pacific Campaign maps? That would be fucking lovely mang, imagine doing a Banzai charge on enemy positions when playing as Japs; or shooting incoming large numbers of Japanese troops charging into your position as an American / Filipino / Chinese / And all those guys they fucked with.

2016-03-25, 13:34
Sadly not going to happen. Not enough man power to even begin thinking of another faction :(

2016-03-25, 14:15
Ratface;2123450']Sadly not going to happen. Not enough man power to even begin thinking of another faction :(

Awww, damnit. I was hoping that you guys could contact me as I could provide valuable information for maps set in the Philippines if you guys would ever do it :-(

2017-08-09, 01:28
Ratface;2123450']Sadly not going to happen. Not enough man power to even begin thinking of another faction :(

uh, what happened to the german-insurgency thing? just taking out strategic objectives like the Flak 36(88).

i mean we can even blow up a bunch of crates or flakvierlings :P