View Full Version : Procedure for regrouping at Base/FOB (question)

2013-11-13, 19:06
How should a squad leader go about getting the squad members back on their feet after a massive beating? When is the best time to regroup at a spawnpoint?

There are often situations where most of the squad is down but some members are left alive and pinned down. If the squad leader decides it's pointless to try to revive the squad, I see only two options to choose from:

1. Tell the downed squad members to give up and respawn. Tell the survivors to stay put and wait for the squad to catch up. This comes with the risk of the survivors dying to the enemy while the rest of the squad is catching up, causing the squad to remain fragmented.
2. Tell the downed squad members to give up, but also tell the survivors to suicide. This means that we lose the tickets, but the there is no risk of the squad being fragmented.

Is it option #2 ever acceptable? Under what conditions should we resort to option #2? Are there other options?

I've searched a bit, but I haven't seen any discussions dedicated to recovering from an ass-beating.

2013-11-13, 19:17
the survivors need to disengage from the enemy if they cannot win and head to an extract/RV point

you don't need to tell them to suicide as your rally point will have been recharged when you spawned at a FOB, unless you are spawning on your rally, in which case they might as well try and survive anyway, the surviors can cause at least 8 enemy soldiers to concentrate on them instead of a flag, allowing your team to gain a numerical advantage in other areas.

Suiciding is for chumps unless you are caught in some kind of glitch :)