View Full Version : 1.0 Commander Review and Update

2013-10-15, 19:41
The first of many tutorial videos, this one covering Commander Features in 1.0:
Updates to commander include:

Fast Deploy/Redeploy UAV
Fast Markers
30 Minute Area Attack (JDAM Removed)
ARF Scout Plane

Looking for help regarding the one I'm working on this week: Jihadist Survival Guide (Insurgents Guide)

This is my first one, so excuse not being in-depth as I wanted to.

2013-10-16, 16:04
Great tutorial, very well explained.

2013-10-16, 17:42
I thoroughly enjoyed your tutorial and actually learned two things:

1) The UAV circles the placed 'point' on the map (the UAV marker) - This will make my job way easier in the future.

2) The kits view @ the end of the video... been commanding for years and never noticed that!

2016-09-17, 17:17
Player apparently having been banned, still a useful review.

Thank you!