View Full Version : v1.0 Hydras nerfed?

2013-09-01, 12:41
some of the cas changes in 1.0 are good some are not.One thats not good is the cas huey hydra rockets.
They are just too slow, splash damage is too low, have an incredible unrealistic bullet drop.
With the slowness of the cas huey itself, and the weak hydras getting killed by APCs is now easier than ever.

Your only chance to survive(but kill nothing) is to do diving run (no accuracy in the hydras unless you slow down so) as its the only way to gain more speed and shoot which will hit nothing but the ground around the apc.

The next video will show example of hydra rockets landing meter away from an infantry on the ground without killing him.
(click on the title)

Please a dev explain how are we suppose to do fast attack run (with the new changes) with the cas huey killing something without getting killed.

2013-09-01, 13:09
Could you provide second-marks so I don't have to watch the whole thing?

2013-09-01, 13:12
Sorry mark is 39:18
I thought I posted it marked

Also 50:20 -example of splash damage against a BTR

I came 3 times from different directions as you can see it was almost impossible (atleast for me) to kill the BTR with
14 hydras.

2013-09-03, 18:57
I can't tell exactly from just taking a quick look, but it like the first two rockets went inside an opening on the wall behind him. The one that he finally took damage from landed about 10-15m from him, and killed like 4 of his squadmates standing closer to it than him.

And by the looks of it, the shots you had against the BTR missed quite a few–looks like you got 2 hits each run, while the rest of the hydras landed 20m behind it and did no damage.

The only gripe I have is that HUD crosshair is actually lower than where the hydras tend to hit, so it's difficult to get an accurate aim on them until you've fired a few already and saw where they went.

2013-09-03, 19:30
you need around 10-12 hits right next to him to kill a btr.

killed btrs on muttrah with cas huey but that one is btr60. and I guess the one on that video is btr70 or 80 and I think it should take around the same amount of hydras.

2013-09-20, 10:59
Hydras werent nerfed to answer the OP question.

They received a (slight) buff for the next build though, means increased damage against Inf, soft skinned and light armored vehicles.