View Full Version : 50's Under or Teckies Over?

Wing Walker
2013-08-08, 12:31
I was playing around on Al Bas and was seeing that it takes a lot of 50 shells to destroy an old run down pick up truck, I would say maybe 10 rounds right in the hood seemed to finally destroy it.

I've never shot a pickup truck with a .50cal, but I think the 50's are underpowered, or the teckies seem to absorb too much damage. I assume on the British Rover the top gun is a 50?

A single 50 round to the engine is enough to immobilize a pickup, I think even single round from a .308 will take out an engine (never tried it just heard things).

2013-08-08, 12:45
Depending from where you hit, yes you can disable a truck with a single bullet. But first of all that kind of simulation is not possible in BF2, since there is only one "universal" health bar a for a vehicle. Second, from a gameplay perspective, it'd be just annoying to have your vehicle go "disabled" from a couple of stray shots.

Personally I'd like to see vehicles go disabled much more often to enforce logistics and repairs and on the other be able to sustain a lot of punishment before spontaneously blowing up from small arms fire. Nevertheless that is not really a liable alternative, so the system we have in place is the best you can get (not that it can't get tweaked any further :p).

2013-08-08, 13:13
Similarly while does seem fair for balance did seem odd when Gary could withstand at least ten 25mm AP shells at close range.

Wing Walker
2013-08-09, 20:54
19 rounds of .50cal to make it start to smoke, and 26 or 27 rounds to destroy. Shot through the hood.

Seems a little excessive.

I mean that is about 1/4 of the box of ammo to to take out a crappy unarmored truck.