View Full Version : v1.0 M67

2013-08-03, 00:58
Firstly the M67 moves its turret sideways and upwards too fast. (source) (http://afvdb.50megs.com/usa/m67.html)
Secondly the flamethrower range is way too low. (source (http://militarymashup.com/mmu_get_jpeg.php?19f1f8a148a7258fe6acc7ac94723d0bf )) (source2 (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/M67_Flamethrower_Tank_Vetnam.jpg))
Thirdly the flamethrower overheats very quicky. I dont have sources for the last one but very similar M132 can fire up to 32 seconds. I think that the fuel is ignited outside the barrel so it shouldt overheat it. Correct me if Im wrong.