View Full Version : Squad Leading to Help 1.0 Noobs

2013-08-01, 02:03
Alright well I decided to start this thread so people might brain storm a basic strategy for helping the allllll the new players that are going to join servers on Friday. Some common sense things I think most SLs should follow if they want to help orientate new players is:

1) Do not use your noob filled training squad for a main assault... too much stuff has to happen and too much can go wrong and nublet medics won't be able to keep up

2) Try to avoid using advanced tactics such as dual fire teams

3) Act as a support fire/FOB builders, or defend cap zones instead advancing

EDIT: 4) If any offensive stuff has to take place I think it would probably help to have an APC in your squad, with the more experienced people as the crew

Doing these 3 things should help keep stuff low intensity for players just getting used to the basic shoot and move skills, as well as offer a greater potential to show noobs the concept of long range fire fights, something that games like CoD lack.

2013-08-09, 17:25
Teach and enforce fire discipline
Stress the importance of cover
Make sure they know about suppressing fire
Teach them how to use their scope (adjusting for range) and estimate distances
Contradicting your point no. 2: Use dual fireteams and teach bounding overwatch. Wouldn't classify as advanced tactics, it's the most basic thing you need for succesful movement in PR. They need to be able to leapfrop in their sleep, especially medic and AR/GPMG.
Contradicting your point no. 4: I'd classify proper mech inf techniques as advanced, so I wouldn't bring them up in a newbie pub teaching squad. Gotta know all the basics for it to be succesful and requires alot of (non verbal) communication or else it will end in utter chaos and destruction of all your forces.