View Full Version : v0.98 Chinook flight model

2013-07-21, 14:58
Recently jumped back to PR-BF2 and boy I surely missed it!

Anyhow, I feel there is something really odd about the Ch47 flying model. I understand there is only so much that DEV's can do about the fly model in BF2 engine but maybe there's something the DEV's could tweak & look at.

I feel that the Ch47 take off is rather weightless and is very fast and even though I hear the Ch47 is fairly more agile then it's size would suggest, I think it's overdone.

Once the nose is pointed in the slightest to the ground, it picks up on speed like there is no tomorrow :) It is fast chopper IRL no doubt, but the 20-300Km/h feels too effortless :)

I found it is also hyper sensitive to landing on anything but perfectly flat terrain. If the pilot lands the heli on just tiny bit of slope, it starts to pick up speed in all kind of directions, like it were still in air. There is no weight whatsoever that would help the heli stay firmly on the ground.

I think the BH model is reasonable for its size and feels right :)

2013-07-21, 17:55
Yeah, there's definitely something not right with CH-47 flight model. I remember that in one of the battles in TART vs CORD PRs' campaign where I was an SL of brit INF sq in Burning Sands, we we're specifically instructed in the beginning of that battle to jump into the chinook instead of the faster lynx. Why? Because chinook has an interesting and unrealistic ability to gain such speed after the engines has just warmed up that compared to other transport choppers it's a lot faster in managing to start engine, get up in air and deliver the passengers to the LZ much faster than the lynx. But after the start of the battle when the first INF squads were dropped off by the unrealistically fast chinook (which gains its' speed basically when the engines are still warming up), the team stops using them and uses the lynx instead. But logically it should be the opposite, as lynx in game should be much faster even while using this "warming up engines while transporting troops realllu f*cking fast" method. But it's not.