View Full Version : v1.0 Open Beta Locked on sound not loud enough

2013-07-10, 19:33
when you're flying a helo or a jet,and get locked, you can barely hear the noise. I heard a lot of people complaining about it, so i don't think it's my headset's fault.

2013-07-10, 20:22
the lock sound should be so loud it should drown everything out, really. It's easy to become a reflex to mash flares when you hear it like that. The volume was perfect in 0.98 for reference.

2013-08-05, 13:23
i think that the sound is too quiet, personally. it's not impossibly quiet, but it's right at that point where it gets muffled during squad comms or, more importantly, during gun runs. in a dogfight, i moved to get behind a single jet on a friendly. between our chatter, my cannons, my own locks and the ambient jet noise, i didn't realize that we had another add at the back of the pack until i switched to rear-view. just enough time to get flares out and break away. the worst possible time to not register for counter-measures

something else is that most of us cut the effect volume down by 1/2 or 1/3, to avoid having comms being stepped over. .98 and prior, that was never a problem. i'm all for having a tone volume increase.

2013-08-06, 11:49
Is it possible to have different lock-on sounds to every aircraft? So that it would be correct depending on how they sound in real life?

2013-08-06, 11:50
Ye I've also noticed that not only the "being locked on to warning" sounds are really quiet but also the "locking onto target" sounds are very quiet too. Should be much, much louder :)

2013-08-06, 21:47
I'm sure the locking-on-to sounds are not correct either, for the NATO jets at least...

2013-08-07, 04:24
I personally can't tell the difference between the two. Was behind an enemy fighter locked on to him and somehow got killed by the other fighter who came behind me. Never even knew he locked on to me :P