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2013-07-03, 18:45
So I just got to try the SU-39 properly and it looks cool and all but it isn't very good.
The AS 10 aka KH-25 missile is too weak and can't even kill a tank.
When landing sometimes the gear will bug into the ground and set the plane on fire.
At last the hydra and gun is too weak, and the gunrounds travel to slow i think.

Thank you

2013-07-03, 18:46
What he said.

Jafar Ironclad
2013-07-03, 20:05
Bumping up the cannon's speed and firepower.

2013-07-03, 22:25
can the missile really not kill a tank? Im certain I lived a strike from one of the SU-34's ASMs too, though it seems as though the helicopter's ASMs will 1 hit a tank.

In real life ASMs are still used for splashing targets as well as direct hits I understand, they need to be a buffed a bit. I jumped out of my LAV-25 on sareemaa, a havoc attacked and the explosion right next to me didnt even hurt me.

Jafar Ironclad
2013-07-03, 22:33
I tested on test airfield, and a direct hit on a tank with the Su-39's AGM will one-shot it.

2013-07-03, 23:51
If you don't get a direct hit on a tank with an Air to Ground anti-armour, shaped charged warhead missile, you will do only a minor amount of damage to an armoured vehicle as all the missile's warhead energy is directed into the ground where it hit, and any shrapnel that gets thrown up from that will just bounce off a tanks or APCs etc armour.

So if you want to take out a tank, you need to directly hit it, so the warhead can penetrate though the armour and destroy the tank.

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2013-07-04, 03:50
thats's wierd because I'm sure I hit those tanks with direct hits and my spotters confirmed the hits...

2013-07-04, 03:52
Btw that thing with the gunrounds travelling too slow goes for all the aircrafts with the GSh-30-1 cannon and the J-10.

Jafar Ironclad
2013-07-04, 05:32
Btw that thing with the gunrounds travelling too slow goes for all the aircrafts with the GSh-30-1 cannon and the J-10.

Nothing changed on the gun velocity between .98 and 1.0B; its probably due to the different tracer.

2013-07-04, 15:20
CAS is perfect now. CAS should not ever be the god weapon that can annihilate everyone from anywhere like it was in the past. The player base is much happier for it now.

2013-07-05, 08:30
The new frogfoot/a10 layout of weapons is not exactly working. Laser guided bombs were removed so jets have to fly in for the target and expose themselves? This is unrealistic and renders the aforementioned jets useless. Now you have to go in for a target, expose yourself while coming down from the cloud layer and even then, because of how the lase system works in PR you cannot even kill a tank anymore with the missiles. Because they don't have splash. If the lase system worked properly sure, the 2 missile/4 dumb bomb layout would work. But it just doesn't.

Even a 2 laser guided bomb/2 lase missile layout would be better than the current one. Actually let me take that back. I'd rather have 2 laser guided bombs and cannon only, rather than having dumb bombs and the laser guided missiles that make no damage to armor.

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't the frogfoot and A10 made for killing tanks primarily in a war against conventional forces? Because that's exactly what they can't do anymore. They're only a threat to light vehicles and infantry atm.

And Rhino while I understand that the shaped charge missiles only do damage with a direct hit IRL, you have to understand in real life they also have a better chance of having that direct hit because of the guidance systems and whatnot.

As a very experienced spotter I can tell you, the lasing system is way too inaccurate in PR for a jet to be able to score a direct hit on an armored vehicle. Exactly the reason you need bombs in PR. Or splash for the missiles. It is to compensate for the way lasers stick 5-20 m away from the vehicles.

2013-07-06, 12:18
Also in real life you can fire laser guided missiles much farther away than in pr where you can drop bombs from farther away than you can fire missiles

2013-07-07, 20:23
ASMs like that should splash anyways, at least somewhat.

LiveLeak.com - Apache blows up 2 IED implacers in the middle of a road (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=efd_1354854165)

IVe had them impact the ground next to the vehicle while im outside of it and been unscathed.

2013-07-08, 20:51
su39 it is a masterpiece i like that thing and i am not sure if it shut be like this but i can drop those 4 small bombs from like 200 alt and they still detonate :D i like it... its like bf2 dragon valley bombing the shit out of airfield :p

drop some bombs land take off drop some bombs again.. that thing lands very easily