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2013-06-05, 02:31
Sorr, dont have much time to go into detail, but the a-4 skyhawk suffers from 'angular handeling', where by when I use my mouse / keyboard, rolling and pitching the aircraft appears to make the jet shake. I think this bug was mentioned earlier in relation to FH2 aircraft 'shake'.


2013-06-05, 10:59
I'm unaware of this or what you mean tbh? Got a video or something?

2013-06-05, 11:24
I've never been able to get recording stuff to work I'm afraid. Everything I am describing has taken place multiple times on different public servers.

While with other aircraft, rolling right or left is a smooth motion, like a wheel turning or a winding windmill.

With the A-4skyhawk, rolling seems to possess lag that makes the aircraft roll in the manor of a ticking clock. One degree at a time, as if the network code is bust or something? Its pretty bad for dogfighting and low level stuff and I've perished many times because of it.

In addition to this I recall two days ago that after I exited a skyhawk, my soldier seemed to acquire a nervous shake, where walking around or raising my weapon would cause him to shake drastically, as if he had parkisons desease. Aiming was impossible. I think this went away after I either entered another vehicle or when I was killed, I dont recall exactly.



2013-06-05, 11:27
The A-10 has that too (possibly others too). I fly with keyboard and when you roll left/right, it's indeed like a ticking clock. I guess it's the same for the A-4.

2015-07-31, 12:56
Will this be fixed?
Or is it impossible?

2015-07-31, 14:21
We will be looking into it but so far we are unaware what causes this for some players.