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2013-02-16, 16:45
Vehicles in PR are a bit of a pain to target when moving. The only way to target positions is if the vehicle is perfectly sill, in which case you still get thrown off target by sliding on terrain. As soon as a vehicle takes off the turret is thrust into a deep up down motion making it impossible in some vehicles on some maps to be effective.

I saw this video once and it was exactly what I was looking for. I heard that there were problems getting this to work in dedicated servers. I just wanted to ask if there was a way around it now being that it has been two years later since that comment.

2013-02-18, 05:42
It's just not going to work.

2013-02-18, 08:46
I remember someone saying that it didn't work on dedicated servers.

2013-02-19, 13:03
I remember someone saying that it didn't work on dedicated servers.

Yeah, it works, but not on dedicated servers, other wise it would of been in already.

2013-02-23, 16:36
In real life I work with stabilized weapon systems and every time I play with vehicles in PR im disappointed...

Apparently the software is there, why doesn't it work or be implemented in the game?

2013-02-23, 16:57
I guess you didn't read what I said. It doesn't work in dedicated servers.

2013-02-24, 15:52
Game engine limitations. Remember that the DEVs have opened a jar of biscuits and are doing their best to turn them into *space* cakes. There are some things they just can't do until they make the stand-alone version of PR.


2013-02-26, 16:19
Thank you for explaining doop-de-doo ;)

2013-02-26, 17:38
yeah there's a lot of badass stuff that has been made that just doesn't work in Vanilla BF2 or in multiplayer. Like weapon sway and bullet physics... also day/night transitions... idk maybe someday.

Or we could just stop complaining and wait for PR2 ;D or even PR:ArmA3 tbh
Although I don't know which I'll like better in the end =D cryengine with PR is going to be BA