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2013-02-09, 14:47
This is just how I do things when squad leading for mortars and it can be very effective.

After you have set up your mortars so they have sufficient range to cover the important areas of the map take either your sniper or Officer kit and go spot.

General things.
Always keep a fire-mission going that way you can have your gun out and you will only need to put down target markers. Use a system like observe markers are for them to dial in on and target markers are for them to shoot. This way their mortars will not have to traverse as far to get a fix on a target.

Spotting with a sniper kit.

When you have a sniper kit your objective isn't to kill all of the enemy squad Just one of them, Preferably someone who they would want to revive like the squad leader. Shoot the squad leader and put a target marker on their body. Most of the times they will pop smoke on their body when the smoke has built up the first rounds should be landing on them.

Spotting with a standard rifle.

This gun will give you more flexibility in maps like kozelsk or yamillia. The idea this time is to Initiate contact with the enemy and force them to go to ground (go prone). While they are sheltering from the bullets your mortar squad should be popping off rounds in their direction. This is probably the easiest tactic as you don't really have to hit anyone. All it is, is a target marker, you start to fire you weapon and 25-30 seconds later Airburst rounds will decimate their squad. (have fun picking off the ones that jump up and try and run away)

Of course the most annoying thing about all of this is when you go out to spot as squad leader 15 or so minutes later enemy come and destroy your mortars. then you have a long walk back to main to get set up again.