View Full Version : Goose Green CTD

2013-01-15, 00:17
I wasn't sure if I'd post this here or on the Support forum, but I believe it fits this area better, since it's happening on Goose Green only.

In different servers, at different parts of the map, I've been experiencing CTDs. It's been at least four times now. I can tell for sure two of those were when a FOB was about to be built.

So, it's making this great map unplayable for me. Maybe it's been happening to someone else?

Thanks in advance.

2013-01-15, 06:33
Could possibly be you running out of RAM, can't say for sure however. Could try playing in window mode and see if you get an error. Also could try playing with task manager up in the bg on the performance tab so you can monitor how much ram is being used on your PC and when you do CTD, take a SS of it right after then post it here :)

Also what OS are you on and how much RAM do you have?

2013-01-15, 23:16
I have 4 Gigs of RAM, but running 32-bits Windows 7 I run on 3 GB of RAM. I'll sure try the task manager and post what happened here if the problem persists. I thought maybe it was a known issue with the map, affecting more players, but RAM does seem like a good reason for this to happen.

Thank you for the quick reply!