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Lt Col Keith
2013-01-07, 13:06
I served as a regular British Army Officer from 1980 to 1992. This addon has well modelled my formative combat career and I have thoroughly enjoyed gaming with it. I know that all you often get is criticism; but I would like to offer my sincerest thanks for all your hard work .
I apologise for taking up time on your forum, but I would like to say please keep up the good work.
I hope that the icon thingummy worked doh...

2013-01-07, 17:18
Glad your enjoying it and thanks for your gratitude :)

Hopefully from here we will be able to build on the foundation we've made, adding new weapons, maps etc and continue what we have started :D


2013-01-08, 18:54
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2013-01-10, 11:39
No one can afford Wicca, hes out priced himself

2013-01-11, 09:35
Even if you could I might just have to forego that "pleasure" :p

Lt Col Keith
2013-01-14, 12:51
i'd buy you a lapdance if i could afford to pay wicca

Thank you for your kind offer, Psyko. But I derive amazing sexual gratification from my congress with my wonderful wife.