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2012-12-28, 22:22
So just a little suggestion, we were just playing vehicle warfare on CIA as Argentinians and discovered there is no dome of death over the carrier...we took a full Huey and made it to the carrier and stalled the Brits for a bit by being pirates :D

Anyways, rename the thread if you want, and sorry if this has been mentioned before. Just letting you know you might wanna put one on there unless you plan on the Argentinians being able to attack the carrier on foot :)

Jafar Ironclad
2012-12-28, 23:01
Noted. Unfortunately, there were issues with combat zones on a map such as the Falklands, so counter-pirating will have to amount to manning Carrier AA and watching for incoming pirate choppers.

I'm away from a PR rig at the moment, so have to ask: how was Vehicle Warfare?

2012-12-29, 01:23

When i was flying we had around 40 jets in the air between both sides, so I didn't see much, but at one point I took a lol ride in the wessex and got shot down, stranded on an island in central. I saw a dogfight go on for around 10 minutes with around 30 or 40 jets, its a sight to see! :D

Jafar Ironclad
2012-12-29, 01:43
*big smile*

I've done my job there then. :)

2012-12-29, 03:13
One problem with Falklands vehicle warfare on CIA is that it seems to crash the server 20mins into the round.

Jafar Ironclad
2012-12-29, 03:15
Consistently 20 minutes in?

2012-12-29, 06:33
Ye, unfortunately we can have a DOD on the Falklands due to that requiring a combat zone, and to allow you fly and walk outside of the minimap border without any issues, we have to disable all combat zones which means no DODs as well :(

Its not a huge issue, especially not on VW where all you can do is delay the enemy from getting up in the air which tbh, if you want to do that your far better off grabbing a bomber and bombing the aircraft on the deck and making a clean getaway which you have the same, if not more chance of doing than landing a chopper on the carrier.

Jafar Ironclad;1848288']Consistently 20 minutes in?

I've played it with far fewer ppl for more than 20mins and one time on PRTA for well over 20mins with a full server (if you include the time the server/map was up without it being full) before the server had to restart to edit its map list.

2012-12-29, 06:40
Vehicle warfare round was awesome, but there was the issue of Argentinian jets landing on the HMS Invincible because nobody ever wants to man the carriers AA.

2012-12-30, 01:20
Unless anything needs to be added an admin can lock this up, that's all I had to let the devs know, thanks guys! :)

2013-01-17, 14:01
the plane spawns are abit of an issue and the brit carrier is a mess at the start

2013-01-17, 17:30
Vehicle warfare round was awesome, but there was the issue of Argentinian jets landing on the HMS Invincible because nobody ever wants to man the carriers AA.

doesn't manning the AA makes the whole server lag and desync?

2013-01-17, 17:34
You can man it and use rockets, only cannon are causing problems.

2013-01-19, 10:43
If anyone goes Brit CO it makes a form of radar become operational that gives anyone on the carrier more than enough time to man AA.

2013-03-06, 07:34
Ye... But it's out of map, so you just hear the "beep" sound while not having a clue of where the planes are :p