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2012-12-17, 23:02
Hey guys, did this texture for ddeo for the GPBO nade launcher still WIP but close to done I think, havent done normal maps or any of that yet. Still have to add the scratches on some edges. Also does anyone know where I can get the markings for the scope for distance?





2012-12-18, 08:13
We are working on it CTRifle. Bagno actually send an email with question about photo of GPBO's ironsight to our friendly polish unit. :) Waiting for response, in the meanwhile lets fix what we can. These a photo references we have from web (without the ironsights of course):
http://www.dezamet.com.pl/files/upload/images/gallery/norm/42255c28b92efc0c1fe157d505a61c05.jpeg (NGO-N, NGD-N)
and small gallery:
Army military defence industry military technology pictures photos images online video pdf magazine digital database data sheet (http://www.worldarmypictures.com/index.php?module=media&pId=100&category=gallery/pictures/east_europe/poland/defence_industry/weapons/gpbo_40mm)

I think you will have to fix the grenades head (different color) and add some more details to the grenade launcher itself (not only scratches) - there are little holes missing I think. Also not whole barrel is darker, take a closer look.

uv grid: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/88194181/Zdj%C4%99cia/gpbo40unwrap.png

2012-12-18, 20:38
Should look into using Marmoset Toolbag (http://www.marmoset.co/) to help see you're textures. From the looks of it, looks kinda flat, probably due to no proper way of rendering the normals and specular maps. There definitly needs some more "color" in the greys. Take a read/watch Racer445's tutorial on texturing along with Millenia's texturing video. Definitely some good pointers in there.

Racer445's sword texturing tutorial (http://www.oesterkilde.dk/racer445.php)


2012-12-18, 21:00
Yea its not my model and he hasn't done any normal maps and such. Ill take a look at the video as well and what do you mean more color? As in more shades or gray on it?

2012-12-18, 21:43
Well when dealing with textures for metal, usually there's hints of blue, or red. They're are very lightly done but can be seen and will give off a better detail. Next would be brushes, or use image sources from cgtextures.com to give it more detail. To do that just layer on top of layer, erase and change opacity to give more detail. I could go in better detail but I guess I can show you what I mean.


2012-12-18, 21:55
Oh alright I see it, and for the brushes/things from CG are the scratches and extra details your talking about?

2012-12-18, 22:22
Oh alright I see it, and for the brushes/things from CG are the scratches and extra details your talking about?

Yeah, if you want I can give you my brush set that I use.


2012-12-18, 22:25
yea thanks, Ill post my results from all this ;)\

EDIT: So I need a color texture, normal map and specular right?

2012-12-19, 16:03
Normal isn't needed if there's nothing you want to put in there, other than that yeah colour/diffuse and spec.

2013-04-24, 18:30
Sorry for taking so long, other projects came school yadda yadda but here it is, done to me but I'm sure there is feedback on what to fix/improve/change which is great :p


See the rest of my pictures + textures are there as well here http://imgur.com/a/ut5Vv#0

EDIT: low res, Ill re render everything in HQ

2013-04-24, 18:35
Looks good but the Grenade rounds shouldn't be part of the weapon texture, they are on another, "ammo common" texture sheet so that the rounds going into the weapon match the round being ejected out and/or the effects don't need to load the 1p weapon texture for the shell ejection effect.

2013-04-24, 18:37
So make a sperate sheet for it? what size should that be around

2013-04-24, 18:39
So make a sperate sheet for it? what size should that be around

No, the model and texture already exist and will be applied to the weapon in the export stages. Its probably too late now without redoing the texture but you should delete the grenade and use its UV space up with the weapon as right now its going to be wasted UV space.

2013-04-24, 18:45
Oh, alright. Idk if we will edit the UV or not, ill talk it over with them.

2013-04-24, 18:46
So it will use common grenade texture? What about second polish UGL Pallad, which is using 40x47mm grenade? (GPBO uses 40x46mm)

2013-04-24, 18:48
The mesh can be different, the important thing is it uses the same textures as the other grenade and from the looks of it the rear bit that will be ejected out will be identical shape/size more or less to the one your loading in.

2013-04-25, 05:28
This grenade is only on 1p texture so is it possible, that grenadier is using our own texture, which have to be loaded with model, and everybody else will use texture from common pallet? This way it still will be optimized, and there will be a small nice detail, which have to be loaded anyway.

2013-04-25, 05:33
Well if your not going to optimize the UVs then yes but problem you have then is the round being loaded into the weapon not matching the one being ejected out unless you can texture yours to look pretty much the same. As for detail, the common projectile texture is pretty detailed:

But ye, most optimized way would be not to have the grenade as part of the weapon and using that UV space for the weapon.

2013-04-25, 05:37
No ao overlay in the diffuse? Would help out with the shadows and stuffs.