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2012-12-12, 21:19
well attack helicopters should have more flares , and as a pilot that played as cas on all of the maps i think it required immediatly because its so easy to kill an attack helicopter with one AA (of AA kit) or 2 aa of the pods , so what that happening is that the pilot droping flares even if he dont have a lock (and i did it 2 days ago and it saved me from 2 unguided stingers on beirut) you have to increas the amount of flares so i / all of PR pilots could drop flares with out worry about the amount flares that left , change it to 60 flares (6 sets for attack helicopters) and on big maps like iron eagle put 72 (8 sets) and jets should have about 45-50
(because their fast , they get out of lock on range queekly , not like attack helicopters that kind if f**ked Please take this into consideration , give me one *pilot * not infantry player / dev , that dont agree with me (and not some noobie randoms please.... dont have a shit for trolls)

2012-12-12, 22:30
Sounds like suggestion. Honestly, I'm not sure whether you can change the amount of flares each individual aircraft can carry or not. I know that in real life a UH-1N carries 60, the AH-1Z will carry 120, the AV-8B carries around 180, H-60 variants carry 60 and that about sums up what I know for sure.

But I do agree, attack helos should have more flares since they're more commonly shot at with AA and pilots do routinely drop a lot of flares on attack runs.

2012-12-12, 22:51
sounds like a suggestion this.

I think its good how it is now, most cas pilots rtb directly after they made a cas run to rearm there hellfires, hydras and cannon, and ofcourse flares. but I think 5 sets of flares is enough like it is now.

btw 6 sets of flares is 36 flares not 60. they drop 6 flares at one time.

2012-12-13, 01:26
I think it was mentioned in one of the changelogs, but flares are there for balance. By having a low flare count, it limits the ability of an attack helo to stay around and rape the enemy team. This also means that you need to work as a team to eliminate AA threats (SEAD anyone?).

Also, why do you want more flares in attack helicopters? I thought they were easy to use?
hard to use ? bro i can make easly (if i have good gunner like proffesor / viirusiiselii / nayow ) 50 at burning sands (and i have done it many times before on kashan 40 kills and on iron eagle alt i did 50 so attack helis arent hard to use , you just dont know how to use them

2012-12-13, 02:59
As pointed out this is a suggestion outside the correct guidelines.

Read Me. (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f18-pr-bf2-suggestions/93042-important-read-first.html)

Whilst appreciating English may not be your first language.. please take some time to review your posts - a good tip is to read it out loud, and if you have to pause to take a breath it's probably a good idea to insert a full stop somewhere.