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2012-11-04, 18:16
Update 1

p3d.in - 213 (http://p3d.in/RE5Yw)

Update 2

p3d.in - alex 338 (http://p3d.in/56vGU)

Update 3


2012-11-04, 18:46

2012-11-04, 20:32
Looks like a nice start :)

Good lord, the gun is sexy:


(You might want to post a reference photo with the model next time you start modelling soemthing, so we know what are you actually modelling ;-) )

2012-11-04, 22:06
Is this for BF2142? Love future

2012-11-05, 09:36
i like the name of this gun.

2012-11-05, 19:11
It looks like some of it's parts are missing and it will fall apart after the first shot :lol:

2012-11-05, 22:25
http://iv.pl/images/99266204594378402937.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/98085773267832825700.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/11761600651959766755.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/93544609608384694164.jpg (http://iv.pl/)

95 % Complete :)

2012-11-05, 22:39
sorry but you're too fast.

2012-11-05, 22:53
Make sure the scope has enough sides to look fully round in the 1p, no1 thing to make sure you get right for a sniper rifle, yours looks a little jagged.

Nice and fast work anyhow, keep it up.

2012-11-06, 00:25
You seem to be getting the barrel wrong, on refs it seems to be cyllinder to a point where it widens into a cone-ish shape, if you know what i mean. Then agian it might be a WIP part.

You certainly work fast though, keep at it :)

2012-11-06, 12:11
p3d.in - alex 338 (http://p3d.in/jFFZD)

Final Version !!

http://iv.pl/images/10429030777188412410.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/49625728524646831609.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/03227023288285362091.jpg (http://iv.pl/)
http://iv.pl/images/82773410721840953190.jpg (http://iv.pl/)

2012-11-06, 12:20
Great work, few notes: Right now together with scope it has nearly 9k tris. Don't worry, some parts of the model will be optimized for game, also upper rail will be removed.

2012-11-06, 20:38

Serously though, its i great model. However i still have some comments on how to make it better yet! :)

Green: the barrel is better now, but just not like the real thing. You can see the difference from the ref (here is link of original if you dont have it) (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/Alex_rifle_(Poland).jpg).

Also, arent the scope covers supposed to fold upwards, not sidewards?


The flash hider is a little off there, too. It should have this facet on the front, also the hole seems too big to me, should be big enough for a bullet to pass.

The bolt handle could definately use some more attention. Give it a chamfer or two around the blue edge. Also collapse those tris (red), leave only a cone inside.

You can delete the bottom faces of the head rest, definately wont be seen in 1p.

You have many cylinders with a vertex in the center, all that wont be rotating around it in any animation should have it removed, it can save a bunch of this in the end.

And a minor consideration, the scope seems to be a little bit wrongly positioned on the rail, the front post is coliding with the rail a little.
Oh and i think i saw some zfighting in those grooves on the barrel, might want to check on that.

Cheers, lucky

2012-11-06, 20:49
I dont know anything about this but dont the Optic covers look way too thick?
I noticed that before but I thought it was like that in real life but now that I see the photo...

2012-11-06, 21:02
You dont need to know anything about it to just spot differences between model and refs, its like your normal womens magazine, spot five differences, only here you sont know how many differences are in there :D

Actually by looking at it again i saw many more differences then first time, will edit with picture in a minute.

White: different shape then on the ref, a less round one too, will save some tris
Purple: differnt shape then on ref, the groove is much deeper and steeper
Yellow: should be flat, it can save a bunch of tris
Dark blue: some missing peices of the RIS on the and of the rail, also the bottom of the rail should have fifferent shape according to ref.
Dark green: should be two bolts there, not one.
Brown: The edge should be sloped, not horizontal as it is
Orange: different shape, different size
Black: dfferent size, should be longer
Light blue: missing screws for attaching to the rail

2012-11-06, 21:21
Actually there are few types of barrel, bipod and flash hider just for 338 model, so uhm. Take a look at this one: http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h90/REMOV/MSPO2008/_Alex_Tactical_Sport_01.jpg I believe it was supposed to be this one. I will be fixing barrel and some other parts of the weapon, so thanks guys for feedback!

Edit: lucky I can't agree with your post above. There are few different rails for Alex, few different bipods and scopes, etc. You can't judge the model by just looking at one picture.

Edit2: I will try to post images tomorrow.

2012-11-06, 21:29
Yeah, its probably that different refs look differently. You guys make how you want, im just telling you when i see difference so you can check it out and fix it if its really inacurate.

The bottom part of the rail looks more like on the model here, too. The bipod seems like you can adjust how far to the front it goes? maybe. It would explain what that handle (in orange above) is there for.
And that barrel looks rather rare to me, Majority of other images, including the ones form military shows/expos, show that grooved one with flash hider (this one does not have any :D )
EDIT: worth noting i did only a quick google search on images, you have probably much more refs.


EDIT2: Btw the bullet is not so wide, it does not take up the whole width of the magazine, they are stacked like in normal assault rifle magazines:


2012-11-06, 23:05
AFAIK, the scope covers, when turned sideways, actually act as a natural way of covering your non-scoping eye. For people that can't wink :P

2012-11-07, 17:32
Hi guys, I will not post images for 338 as I did some more research and we are going to change the 338 model into Alex-762 (Bor), it looks only slightly different, but it is more regulary used by polish army.


Cheers, hope I will find some time to tweak the model soon. :)

2012-11-07, 18:01
Looks sweet, good job

2012-11-07, 20:26
Holy Lucky, Eagle eye