View Full Version : Cannot download falklands.

2012-10-05, 20:19
Hey, any one else unable to download the minimod? The DL link on the download page it either broken or inactive. Can someone link the torrent URL?

2012-10-05, 22:11
I just tried it and had no problems.


2012-10-05, 23:00
I'm having the same problem. I download it using firefox, the download appears in my firefox DL manager but is not in my downloads folder on windows, after 5 minutes it appears in my downloads folder. After I try to run it it says it's not a valid win32 application

2012-10-05, 23:49
I download it as a torrent and get the same problem. I've used all 3 of the regular downloads as well and having a slightly different problem on each one. I finally got the application to run after I downloaded it off of mod DB but after I click next a whole bunch of times instead of installing the screen just disappears and nothing happens.