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2012-07-08, 21:47
Hello PR-Enjoyers!

I'm not sure if that's the right section for this, move it if needed, but THIS is my story:

Many many times, you can see complete mo*ons and fcktards making a Heli Transport squad (or CAS, doesn't matter) and then they hop in. Good, BUT: one minute later they just crash it, because they have no experience AT ALL flying a heli. and THIS is p*ssing me off, and many others too.

Why can't we get some verification, that people who want to fly a chopper, are ABLE to fly a chopper?
Some Driver's license is imo really really needed. A tag infront of the name could be the solution.


2012-07-08, 23:31
I'm locking this; it sounds like a suggestion out of the suggestion forum.