View Full Version : New Faction Lead

2012-05-29, 18:43
Welcome Fresz,

he will take over the Faction and hopefully will lead it to the Core.

Good Luck and Best Wishes


2012-05-29, 19:17
Hip Hip Hurray!

xatu miller
2012-05-29, 19:32
Good luck, better not fail :p .

2012-05-29, 19:57
Congratz, lets hope you can do the job :) Respect for the whole team.

2012-05-29, 21:31
Ah, now going official... ^^

2012-05-29, 23:14
keep up the good work guys

2012-05-30, 03:37
Good luck mate ;).

2012-06-01, 08:33
Thanks for all wishes :) I do my best to lead those guys to the end

2012-06-03, 19:17
Great !
This faction was one leg into the grave,and now its made comeback.
I'm really glad for all Polish players that anticipate to play with their forces.
I am from Serbia so I can say that I am also happy to see some Slavic
nation other than Russia to have chance to be in future release.
And also I must say that Poland will be refreshment to all factions,
although they are NATO member they are maybe most uniquely equipped than their allies.
Congratulations Fresz,I wish you all best ! :D

2012-06-29, 19:50
Good luck guys!

2012-07-03, 21:56
I've been looking for Polish Forces since, well - 2009? I will consider re-installing BF2 + PR; if You guys succeed.
Good luck and Godspeed as well!