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2012-05-18, 00:20
This topic is here for anyone looking for information and posts on the PR:BF2 Falklands Mini-Mod.

Blog, Highlight & News Posts:
Most of the inflammation your probably looking for can be found in the Announcement Blog post, or in one of these other posts.

Announcement Blog: Falklands (Malvinas) Mini-Mod Announcement - Project Reality Forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b324-falklands-malvinas-mini-mod-announcement.html)
Hey all,

As I'm sure many of you are away that today, the 2nd of April marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War and with it I wanted to do something to commemorate it.

As a result I've been cooking up a little something over the past few weeks while taking a bit of a break from my other tasks.

Before I go any further into this I would like to explain that this is currently only planned as a standalone mini-mod for PR:BF2, much like Project Normandy and is going to be using a lot of placeholders for its first release. One thing I hope is that after I release the first version that the community will take on the development of this mini-mod and refine it, replacing the place holders with the correct assets :D

This mini-mod is based as much as possible on the 1982 war between Britain and Argentinian over the Falkland (Malvina) Islands, taking into account historic factors and trying to replicate them in a way which gives fun and balanced gameplay while also working with the limitations of the BF2 engine and assets we have to hand.

Focusing on the map, I've been wanting to experiment with large scale maps for some time in BF2 and with this project I have finally had the excuse to able to do so, as the map is currently 16kms by 16kms (Kashan is 4kms by 4kms). This is achieved by ditching BF2's terrain, and making the terrain out of a staticmesh (aka, mesh terrain), which isn't without its problems however... The main thing however is that with this size of map, we can really portray the importance of the air campaign in the war to a degree not seen in PR before, as well as spreading out the ground combat a bit.

Since the map/mini-mod is very WIP I'm not going to give away too much at this point as a lot of this is very liable to change but here is the current mini-map + my basic plan and a few screenshots.

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_plan_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_plan.jpg)

The white box around North East Falklands represents a 4km (Kashan) sized map so you can get an idea on the scale and the flags/troop movement arrows match those pretty closely to what happened in 1982.

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_01_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_01.jpg) http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_02_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_02.jpg) http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_03_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands_02-04-12/falklands_03.jpg)

For those of you who are not very knowledgeable about the 1982 Falklands War, I would recommend watching the following documentaries which will give you a basic insight to what you can expect from the map :D



I do have one issue with the 16km size that is somewhat of a show stopper however, which is 3 errors that pop up, even in full screen mode telling you the map is too large. Although you can continue past these errors without any problems (although in full screen mode, you are unaware you get them and must alt+tab to see them). If I can't find a solution to solve or suppress these errors it may mean I have to opt for my backup plan, which is basically to make the map an 8km by 8km map which doesn't get the errors and then having the carrier/airbase outside the combat zone. Although this will mean that domes of death are not possible and navigation outside the combat zone will be very, very hard, with jets never finding there way back to the airbase. But I've still got my fingers cross that I might just be able to somehow solve these errors I've got, but I wont bore you guys with that stuff any more but just warning you guys that might be a factor :p

Keep your eyes peeled for any more news on this in the next few weeks ;)


https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/misc/blog/pencil_add.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blog_post.php?do=comment&b=324)
Teaser #1: A Small Falklands Teaser :) - Project Reality Forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b326-small-falklands-teaser.html)

Alternative (laggy) link if youtube isn't allow in your part of the world: Xfire Video - PR:BF2 - Falklands - Sea Harrier Take-Off (http://beta.xfire.com/videos/56ed4c/)

https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/misc/blog/pencil_add.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blog_post.php?do=comment&b=326)
Teaser #2: Falklands - San Carolos Landings 30th Anniversary ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b327-falklands-san-carolos-landings-30th-anniversary.html')
Hey all,

Today, the 21st of May marks the 30th Anniversary of Operation Sutton, the amphibious landing on beaches around San Carlos Water, on the northwestern coast of East Falkland facing onto Falkland Sound. The bay, known as Bomb Alley by British forces and Death Valley (valle de la Muerte) by the Argentine forces (due to the very heavy anti-aircraft), was the scene of repeated air attacks by low-flying Argentine jets.

To avoid the highest concentration of British air defences, Argentine pilots released ordnance from very low altitude, and hence their bomb fuzes did not have sufficient time to arm before impact. The low release of the dumb bombs (some of which had been sold to the Argentines by the British years earlier) meant that many never exploded, as there was insufficient time in the air for them to arm themselves. A simple free-fall bomb will, during a low altitude release, impact almost directly below the aircraft which is then within the lethal fragmentation zone of the resulting explosion. The pilots where aware of this, but due to the high concentration levels required to avoid SAMs and Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), as well as any British Sea Harriers, many failed to climb to the necessary release point. The problem was solved by the improvised fitting of retarding devices, allowing low-level bombing attacks as employed on 8 June.

To mark this anniversary we've shot this small teaser for the Falklands Mini-Mod with three Mirage IIIEA aircraft attacking the bay at low level while trying to avoid the AA defenses :)


Finally we would like to show our respect for all thous killed and wounded on both sides of the conflict during this operation 30 years ago and how bravely they fought.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to keep an eye out for more info on this mini-mod ;)

https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/misc/blog/pencil_add.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blog_post.php?do=comment&b=327)

Update #3: Falklands Update #3 - Project Reality Forums ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b331-falklands-update-3.html')
Hey guys, I know many of you are dying for an update on this so here's a few small things for ya :D

First of all, small teaser of a Harrier GR3 Landing Vertically on HMS Invincible :mrgreen:


Next [R-CON]Jafar Ironclad, as well as doing awesome work on the jet code has also made some new loading music for the map called "Ghosts of the Falklands" :D
Listen Here: "Ghosts of the Falklands" by Ironclad_Music on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free (http://soundcloud.com/ironclad_music/falklands-wip1)

Last but not least, since night fighting was a very big thing in the Falklands war, I thought if I was going to do this right I should include a few night layer :D
In these I've done a few things not fully seen before, with making the nightmap work as it should. The main things are full point lightmapping, ie, man made light cast all over the map, proper glow locations, runway and carrier deck lights and proper groundhemis and env maps so players, vehicles and water don't glow. I have also implemented some dynamic lights into the glow locations and while these do somewhat work, they are not yet perfect, mainly for the flood lighting and things like vehicles etc are not lit up properly in some areas where man made light is cast :(
But in most cases, street and house lighting will light up your weapon and yourself as you move into the area of lighting, so you might want to hide in the bushes waiting for your victim rather than venturing into a brightly lit house :twisted:
We would also advise players to only play this map in a darkened room, since this map is seriously dark, you will strain your eyes playing in a lit room and also find it a lot hard to see.

Anyways less talk, more picies :D























Cheers! 8)

Update #4: The Argies are coming! ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b336-argies-coming.html')
[R-DEV]Spush has just finished work on the new player textures for the Argentinian faction for PR:Falklands (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f562-pr-falklands-general-discussion/110815-pr-bf2-falklands-info-updates.html) :D

They have been made from the MEC player models and the US Vietnam kit geometries which all put together, with the new textures make some very nice Argentinian player models :D


Officer Alt:



Machine Gunner (Argie Rambo):






Cheers for reading and watch this space ;)

https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/misc/blog/pencil_add.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blog_post.php?do=comment&b=336)

Update #5: Sight Unit Infantry Trilux (SUIT) ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b338-sight-unit-infantry-trilux-suit.html')
Hey all!

A few days ago I started converting our IP29 Trilux scope, into an L2A2 SUIT 4x Scope for the L1A1 SLR to be used as the British Marksman Rifle in Project Reality: Falklands (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f562-pr-falklands-general-discussion/110815-pr-bf2-falklands-info-updates.html).

This may seem a bit odd but this is because the IP29 Trilux scope (which is used on the AK-74M) is a Russian copy of the British L2A2 SUIT scope, and a pretty much a direct copy. The main differences is really in the mounting which I made from scratch, then the scope was removing details, adding some more and modifying the odd bit in order to get it right :)

Once I UVed it, [R-DEV]Sabre-Oz went ahead texturing it, making the mount match the colours of the L1A1 and giving the scope a very nice feel 8-)

Then it was over to [R-DEV]Chuc who took on the task of animating it, and with Chuc being Chuc, decided that he would redo all the FN FAL animations while he was at it as the origin of the rifle in the current animations wasn't quite right for a scope :D
And now its just up to [R-CON]-=anders=- to re-align his new sounds to the new animations ;)

While this scope is today's equivalent of a 4x ACOG Scope which you find on pretty much every assault rifle in a modern squad, back in 1982 these where produced in very low numbers and only issued to Marksman. This will still however be a very powerful tool in a squad seeing as everyone else pretty much only has iron sights on their weapons ;)

Any ways that enough of that, time for some pictures :D














https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/misc/blog/pencil_add.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blog_post.php?do=comment&b=338)

Update #6: Interview [R-DEV]Rhino , PR:Falklands ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/114712-interview-r-dev-rhino-pr-falklands.html')
Rhino , PR:Falklands"]Hello Rhino! While its not really necessaries to introduce you, can we start this interview by telling us who you are for the new gamers among us?

Hey, I'm Rhino, my real name is Edmund and I'm a long serving developer of the Project Reality mod living the SW of England

1: Rhino you have done a lot of work for PR:BF2 over the years, can you give us a few different examples?

Well I'm quite an all rounded developer, being able to model, UV, export, map, code etc but I'm mainly a mapper and static modeller for the mod. Over the past few years I've made a few maps, modelled a few statics, helped push many items into the game and lots of other odd jobs. To give a few "recent examples" I worked on modelling the Z-9 and Panther helicopter series which we will hopefully see in-game sometime in the future, devised the concept for and got the Close Support Bridges into the mod, made some new statics such as a new range of Fences, Tents and also a totally new Airbase system which eliminates all of the problems of the old airbases and should soon be seeing some appearances in the mod. More recently I've been working on a brand new set of Afghan Statics and of course, my most recent Project, PR:Falklands.

http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/thumbs/zhi9_01_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/zhi9_01.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/thumbs/zhi9wa_02_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/zhi9wa_02.jpg)http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/thumbs/as565_panther_02_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/updates/dec10/as565_panther_02.jpg) http://i.imgur.com/vGNiX.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/wooden_fences/wooden_fences14.jpg) http://i.imgur.com/VtRcy.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/tents/tents_v3_tunnel_04.jpg) http://i.imgur.com/0I1vJ.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/csb/csb_01.jpg)

2: What is Project Reality: Falklands? Tell us when did this project start, where did you get the idea for it and how did you presented this idea to the rest of the PR team?

PR:BF2: Falklands is currently a small mini-mod for Project Reality: BF2, that aims to bring the 1982 Falklands War between Britain and Argentina into Project Reality, in much the same way PR: Vietnam brings the Vietnam war to PR:BF2 today. The biggest thing about PR:F thou is there are quite a few dramatic differences between it and normal Project Reality, in both terms of scale and gameplay. About the biggest feature has to be the map size is 16km squared, although the minimap size is only 8km squared, which in itself is four times the size of Kashan, Argentina is 9kms off outside of the minimap, and even the British carrier, HMS Invincible is 3kms outside of the minimap. Then there are other quite big differences such as the importance and amount of jets on this map and many other small little neat features which I wouldn't want to give away too many of them.

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap2_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap2.jpg) http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap.jpg)

I founded the project a few months back in late February of this year, to try and give myself a "small break" from working on the new series of Afghan Statics which was starting to drive me insane, but this small project to give me a small break turned into a much bigger project than I had first envisaged which I've now been working on for the past 7 months... The idea itself of doing a Falklands version of Project Reality isn't new. I can remember talking it over with the other PR Developers back in 2007 at the first Dev meet-up at Bovington Camp (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/25221-project-reality-rac-bovington-camp-visit.html), when back then it was the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War. The idea was quickly dismissed however due to all of the challengers and us not having even some of the most basic of elements such as the correct rifles or anything. This year however being the 30th Anniversary of the war I wanted to do something special and realizing we now had a lot of the stuff we didn't have five years ago, and many of the technical channels I had an idea of getting over but hadn't had the opportunity of giving them ago before. This I thought was not only an excellent chance to mark the 30th anniversary of this war with, but also a good way of trying out a few of these new ideas that had been floating around for some time. I was planning to release this mini-mod on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War, but due the original concept I had drawn up had grown quite considerably from its first plan and also I got sick around that time, the deadline as such wasn't possible. Although we did very nearly make it, we felt it was better to extend the release and include a few extra assets which where not far off. As for how I presented it to the rest of the team, I started this project in secret to start off with, mainly to see if I could get this "mesh terrain" concept to work at all but once I had gotten the mesh terrain sorted and mostly working well, I then showed the rest of the team what I had and what I was thinking. Although at first it was a very simple plan with hardly any new assets in it, which as already mention very quickly changed hehe. As the project grew so did the amount of help I've gotten from the rest of the team and even many of the community helping out on many items and whom I'll credit in the main release post but I couldn't have done this without them and they have been a tremendous help!

3: Can you explain where you get your information for this project from? Are you in contact with any veterans of the war?

Most of the information I get is from Wikipedia to be honest, although there are many other sites out there covering the history of the Falklands war too that I do use, Wikipedia for the most part is pretty accurate but I have cross-checked all my main info with any other sources I can find. I can't say I'm in contact with any veterans of the Falklands War no, but many of our main Military Advisors can help out on main weapon characteristics and some do know quite a bit about the war. I've also received some help from the Argentinian PR community, mainly with translating but also some other information they have found here and there but for the most part, I'm relying largely on internet sources for information.

4: Can you tell us what aircraft you have in PR:F?

If you count both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, we've technically got nine different types of aircraft in PR:F. This includes 5 Jets, 1 Turboprop and 3 Helicopters. This however doesn't include all the different load-out types for each jet, but this dose include the pretty much same aircraft, with different names, like the Mirage IIIEA and IAI Dagger (Israeli made Mirage 5) or the Sea Harrier FRS1 and the Harrier GR3 (which are both currently using the Harrier GR9 models with different paint jobs as a place holder for proper models of these aircraft). Below are all the aircraft in the first release of PR:F, although in the future we hope to bring in a few more aircraft such as the Super Etendard which currently a version of the Mirage IIIEA with an Exocet missile is being used as its place holder (although the Mirage IIIEA will still feature in the mod even if we get a Super Etendard in, but just as a Fighter).

http://i.imgur.com/faZU9.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/dBLAf.jpg) http://i.imgur.com/uo1ck.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/8bpNF.jpg)

5: Rhino, everyone is waiting eagerly for the v1.0 release. Can you tell us if this one is gong to be so magic like the last big release?

PR:BF2 v1.0 is shaping up really well and from the way things are going its looking to be the best PR release by far, with not just adding lots of new content but also fixing many current gameplay issues with the mod and bring back some of the old fun which some of us feel has been lacking in the last couple of releases.

6: Do you have any other projects planned for the future?

There is so much I want to do but right now I'm trying to focusing on finishing what I've started and trying to resist all temptation of starting another new project which is very easy to find yourself doing, like PR:F when I should be working on new Afghan Statics hehe.

Thanks [R-DEV]Rhino, I hope that our readers will be pleased to read this interview as I am.

https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/buttons/reply.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1814423)

Update #7: PR:Falklands Update #7 ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115134-pr-falklands-update-7-a.html')
Hey guys,

We are in the middle of testing PR:F now and things are shaping up really well ;)

As such, I thought I would share a few new things with you guys :D

First up is the Westland Gazelle AH1 Light Transport / Reconnaissance Helicopter. The Gazelle was used in Falklands war by the British forces as mainly a reconnaissance and medevac helicopter. Nine Gazelles from 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn RM were in action at the start of the Falklands war. 6 more joined from 656 Sqn when 5 Inf Bde landed. In total, three Gazelles were shot down during the operation out of a total of 15, two from small arms ground fire and one due to a friendly fire incident, being shot down by a Sea Dart AA missile from HMS Cardiff. While a few where armed with machine guns and rocket pods, they where never fired during the war as after the first two where shot down from small arms fire, the commanders wanted to keep them back from the front lines due to how fragile they where.




This little puppy can hold up to 5 players including the pilot, and can quickly skim around the battlefield, maneuver through the narrow passes as well as being able to land in some tight spots.
Unfortunately you will only be seeing this chopper on the AAS 128 (Large) and AAS 16 (Infantry - Night) layers of the main Falklands map, but will be seen more commonly with any luck on GP_MineralWouter Goose Green (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f354-community-maps/112321-map-goose-green-2km-wip-pr-f.html) map :D

Model: OPK2 Mod - Badscull
Texture: GP_MineralWouter
Coding: [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69 & [R-DEV]Rhino

Next up with have another British whirlybird for you, although recently shown a little in an Interview I had with a couple of weeks ago (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/114712-interview-r-dev-rhino-pr-falklands.html), it was only hidden inside a screenshot with a bunch of other aircraft. As such its time to give the Westland Wessex HU.5 I proper showcase for you guys :D

The Westland Wessex is a license built version of the Sikorsky S-58 "Choctaw", H-34 Helicopter which is used by the US forces in PR:V. The Wessex however has some significant differences from the H-34, mainly the engine which in the old H-34, was a single Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9 American radial piston engine producing 1,525 Horsepower, where the Wessex was fitted with two Rolls-Royce Gnome single spool turboshaft engines producing a combined ~2,700 Horsepower. In order to fit these engines in the Wessex has a very distinctive nose, that pops out from the orignal nose.

Around fifty-five Westland Wessex HU.5s where sent off to the Falklands War in the South Atlantic in 1982, though a few of these, sent as replacements, did not arrive until after the end of hostilities. Their prime role was the landing and moving forward, of Rapier missile systems, fuel, artillery and ammunition.




Although big, slow and sluggish, this helicopter will be the main workhorse for the British forces ingame as it can carry upto 8 players (including pilot) and a single supply crate.

While nothing visually has changed yet on the H-34, it has also had an update with the Wessex, mainly with getting a band new set of LODs and col meshes, as well as a bunch of other smaller tweaks and optimizations.

Model: [R-DEV]Rhino & EOD2 mod - BadScull
Textures: [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: [R-DEV]Rhino & dkleader

Moving on from helicopters, for now, we have a small update for the jets :D
The Harrier GR3 has been able to throw away thous tiny rocket pods it had been borrowing from the A-1H in the Open Beta testing build from a few months back and has finally received its correct rocket pods. These are Royal Navy 50mm (2") rocket pods with each rocket pod containing 36 50mm rockets, giving a Harrier GR3 that's equipped with two of these a total of 72 rockets to blast at the enemy!






Although I said these where the correct rocket pods for the Harrier GR3, that's technically incorrect. Normally the RAF Harrier GR3 would use the SNEB 68mm rocket pods but because the Harriers where operating off of carriers during the war, the Royal Navy insisted that the RAF had to use their old 50mm rockets that they had still lying around from the retired Sea Vixen because the SNEB 68mm rockets had been untested on carrier decks and it was feared that the ships radar may set them off. With that the RAF had to quickly fit and train with these new rocket pods which they originally hadn't used on there way too the Falklands.

Ingame this weapon shouldn't be underestimated, although we know that its quite unusual to be killed by rockets from attack helicopters in PR, or the A-10 or Frogfoot which are the only jets that have them in PR, this is because that attack helicopters can't use them in the same way jets can and the A-10/Frogfoot pilots normally don't use theirs due to having so many other weapons at their disposal. In PR:F however, especially due to the lack of armoured vehicles, rockets are a significant threat to ground targets as they can be "spammed" over a large area from great distance, easily causing lots of damage to troops on the ground and surrounding assets. However with having to fly direct at the target in order to fire the missiles on target, AA have a very good opportunity to easily take the aircraft out as its on its approach run ;)

Model: [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: [R-DEV]Rhino
Coding: [R-DEV]Rhino

Carrying on with the jet theme, next up is the Matra R.530 Anti-Air Missile. This is a French made missile used on the Mirage IIIEA and as you can possibly tell from its size, is more powerful than most AA missiles out there but it also has a slightly longer range than the AIM-9L used by the Sea Harrier. Please note the textures are not quite final yet but K_Rivers who has recently just got promoted to [R-CON] is working hard on finishing them!



Model: [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: [R-CON]K_Rivers
Coding: [R-DEV]Rhino

Sticking with the missiles we've got another one for you, the AM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile! This missile was the biggest threat to the Royal Navy during the Falklands war and while it did less overall damage than dumb bombs to the Task Force, it became duley noted as an effective weapon the Royal Navy had little defence against.

This missile can only be used against the Atlantic Conveyor (cargo-ship) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Atlantic_Conveyor) ingame which Chinooks spawn on and when its destroyed, the Chinook spawn for the Brits is wiped out, much like how it was in real life.

Although in the Falklands war this missile was fitted to the Super Etendard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault-Breguet_Super_%C3%89tendard), since we currently don't have one its fitted to the Mirage IIIEA since the Mirage III can be equipped with the Exocet AS missile, but wasn't during the war.

Please note the textures are not quite final yet but nater is working hard on finishing them! :D






Ingame it takes just over one Exocet missile to destroy the ship, so if you manage to fire off an Exocet against it, all your going to need is for another jet to drop a small bomb on it to finish it off :D

Model: [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: nater
Coding: [R-DEV]Rhino

Now we've got something for anyone who hate jets, the MIM-23 Hawk Heavy Anit-Air SAM System. More powerful AA weapons have always been placed around areas of importance since the first world war so its really about time we got something in PR to help protect our main bases and other areas of importance more against air attack.



This weapon is basically a slightly longer range and more powerful version of the deployable/stationary AA missiles we have currently in PR from vBF2. The targeting range of the MIM-23 ingame is 1km and not only are the missiles more powerful, but you've also got three missiles in one batch, rather than the traditional two the old AA have. This is a weapon for pilots to truly fear ingame, as while they can avoid the missiles if they try to by flying away from the target, if they try to fly towards or near it, they are as good as dead.

While the MIM-23 Hawk SAM wasn't used by either Britain or Argentina, let alone during the Falklands War, its a place holder for the Tigercat SAM (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f388-pr-bf2-community-modding/111841-model-tigercat-sam-pr-f-wip.html) used by the Argentinians during the Falklands war and what lucky.BOY is working on currently (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f388-pr-bf2-community-modding/111841-model-tigercat-sam-pr-f-wip.html) which will hopefully replace the MIM-23 in a later release. Its also a place holder for the Rapier SAM system (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f388-pr-bf2-community-modding/111643-comm-modelling-task-rapier-sam.html) used by the British in the Falklands war to protect San Carlos from air attack.

Model: USI Mod
Texture: USI Mod
Coding: USI Mod & [R-DEV]Rhino

There are a few new feature we are going to try out in PR:F and one of these new features is having the wheels on helicopters rotate in the same way the wheels on a jet do. Before wheels on helicopters didn't turn when in the contact with the ground, instead they just stayed stationary, like the brakes where constantly applied. By having the wheels rotate, helicopters with wheels will not only be able to taxi on the ground, but will be able to perform rolling landings, be able to control there aircraft on the ground more when landing and in some cases, should prevent the helicopter from flipping over as the wheels will turn to compensate, instead of the entire chopper moving.
Here is a quick Proof of Concept (POC) video I did on it with the H-34 to show the rest of the team this concept, although the taxi engine (like what jets have) wasn't in, in this video and now has been applied.
So far the feedback I've had from the testers that have tried it is all positive and if this works out in PR:F then it may be rolled out across all the helicopters with wheels in PR v1.0 and should give a nice distinct difference between helicopters with skids and wheels, which is other than looks :D
Currently only the Wessex and the Chinook CH1 in PR:F (only wheeled choppers in it) have this new code applied to them, all choppers with skids remain as they where.

Moving onto a slightly related subject of wheels, while working on the above code I noticed there looked like there was a possible way of getting rid of the "magic brake" that the jets have when players jump out of them at the end of the runway, and the jet stops in ~5ms even if it was travelling at high speeds still, which players where doing to save their jets on poor landings, rather than taking off and circling round again for another attempt. This code has only been applied to the Miarge IIIEA, IAI Dagger and A-4C in PR:F but if this works out it may be applied to all the jets in PR for v1.0, but we will be looking for your feedback on this once PR:F has been released with this change in.

That's all for today guys! I hope you like what we have shown you today and keep your eyes peeled for any further developments ;)

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Update #8: Air Traffic Control (ATC) ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115167-air-traffic-control-atc.html#post1819215')
This is something I forgot to include in my last Falklands Update (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115134-pr-falklands-update-7-a.html) but better late than never :D

This is another of the many small new gameplay features I'm testing out in PR:F and hopefully may see it being rolled out across all of PR in time if it works out well :D

The definition of Air Traffic Control (ATC) is "a service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace. The primary purpose of ATC is to separate aircraft to prevent collisions, to organize and expedite the flow of traffic, and to provide information and other support for pilots when able."

Air Traffic Control (ATC) in how we have implemented it is very similar to this and is more of a "role-playing" role aimed at the commander position but can be fulfilled by any player wishing to do it, to help direct aircraft around the airbase or carrier and via communication, ensure there are no aircraft taking off when one comes into land.

The ATC also gives the player in it a very nice view of the airbase or carrier and being able to see planes taxiing out to the runway or coming in to land, with also a nice big zoom to see objects from a long way away :D

BAM Rio Grande ATC:








HMS Invincible ATC:







But this isn't just about giving the commander a nice place to sit to conduct ATC from as the ATC comes with a few little toys on top of that.

The first is main base radar support, to detect any incoming threats to the airbase, using the "vbf2 UAV radar" that when it picks up an enemy unit, it flashes red on the minimap with a small "bleep" sound to all the players on the team. Unfortunately due to another limitation of the BF2 engine this is only limited to 3km range, where I would have like to have more than that on the Falklands and there is no way of making it pick up only air targets, but that's ok in the case of the Falklands since the radar only sweeps over water and in the case of the Argentine airbase, Argentina as well where there should be no enemy ground forces and if there are, bad luck for them :p
It should also be noted that this radar is only active when a player is sitting in the ATC, can't set it to work without a player in the vehicle its on.

On top of the radar, all the air base weapons are also linked to the ATC as one vehicle. This dose however mean when you try and jump in an AA weapon you do jump into the ATC if no one is already in it, just like if you try and jump in a chopper with no one in it you jump into the pilot's seat. You simply just need to switch between the ATC and the base defence weapons using the F1 to F8 keys like you would on any other type of vehicle with multiple seats.
It should also be noted that these weapons have no delay to use timer, so you can switch from the ATC and fire the weapon right away, without having to wait for it to "warm up" like most weapons in PR.

BAM Rio Grande Defence Weapons:






HMS Invincible Defence Weapons:



This defence system, mixed in with the radar on the ATC should give anyone at the base a significant advantage with defending their base against enemy attack ;)

To enter the ATC you simply need to walk up to the front door of the Argentine one, or inside the control tower then press "E", and for the carrier ATC, simply walk up to one of the doors on the island and press "E". Alternatively you can also walk up to a base defence weapon and press "E" to enter it.

BAM Rio Grande Entry Points:



HMS Invincible Entry Points:



While back in 1982 their where no UAVs, it should be noted that if this dose get implemented into other maps in PR with a modern force then the ATC will most likely become the UAV control station like the ACVs are now, and ACVs will just be reserved for maps that don't have an airbase for that team.

This we hope will give the commander another important and effective role he can play in the battle that should encourage more players to play as commander ;)

Cheers for reading! :mrgreen:

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Update #9: [Map] The Falklands ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115200-falklands.html#post1819718')
The Falklands"]Hey all,

In this highlight I hope to cover all of The Falklands map / mini-mod and its features so this may be quite a long post :p

This map / mini-mod is based as much as possible on the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland (Malvina) Islands. We're taking into account historic factors and trying to replicate them in a way which gives fun and balanced gameplay environment, whilst also working within the limitations of the BF2 engine and assets we have to hand. I believe we have archived this and hopefully we can build on this solid foundation in the future :mrgreen:

The Falklands Map

First of all the map itself. As I mentioned in its announcement post (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b324-falklands-malvinas-mini-mod-announcement.html) I've been wanting to experiment with large scale, mesh terrains in BF2 for some time in order to break the 4km x 4km map size barrier we've had for some time. With this map I've finally had the opportunity to do that, and while I wasn't able to get the terrain to work as well as normal terrain in terms of detail and looks with it mainly missing undergrowth, I still feel it works and plays well enough to be released with the positives still outweighing the negatives. :)

The layers I've made are all based on the 1982 Falklands War in one way or another. Some are not based on the entire war like the AAS layers, but part of it like the Skirmish layers, where Skirmish 16 is based on the SAS Raid of Pebble Island and Skirmish 32 is based on the initial Argentine invasion of the Falklands Islands. I've tried to keep both historical accuracy and gameplay in these layers and I think I've got them both working well together hand in hand. :D
Of course fine tweaking will be needed in time as the map is played more to show any imbalances etc but I do believe the foundations are solid. :D


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap2_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap2.jpg) http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_minimap.jpg)

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_01_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_01.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_02_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_02.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_03_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_03.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_04_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_04.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_05_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_05.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_06_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_06.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_07_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_07.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_08_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_08.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_09_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_09.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_10_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_10.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_11_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_11.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_12_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_12.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_13_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_13.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_14_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_14.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_15_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_15.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_16_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_16.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_17_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_17.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_18_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_18.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_20_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_20.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_21_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_21.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_22_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_22.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_23_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_23.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_24_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_24.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_25_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_25.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_26_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_26.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_27_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_27.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_28_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_28.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_29_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_29.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_30_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_30.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_31_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_31.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_32_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_32.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_33_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_33.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_34_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_34.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_35_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_35.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_36_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_36.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_37_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_37.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_38_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_38.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_39_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_39.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_40_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_40.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_41_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_41.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_42_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_42.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_43_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_43.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_44_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_44.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_45_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_45.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_46_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_46.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_47_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_47.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_48_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_48.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_49_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_49.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_50_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_50.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_51_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_51.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_52_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_52.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_53_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_53.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_54_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_54.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_55_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_55.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_56_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_56.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_57_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_57.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_58_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_58.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_59_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_59.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_60_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_60.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_61_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_61.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_62_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_62.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_63_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_63.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_19_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_19.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_65_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_65.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_66_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_66.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_67_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_67.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_68_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_68.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_69_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_69.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/tn/the_falklands_map_70_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/the_falklands_map_70.jpg)

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_01_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_01.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_02_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_02.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_03_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_03.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_04_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_04.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_05_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_05.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_06_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_06.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_07_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_07.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_08_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_08.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_09_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_09.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_10_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_10.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_11_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_11.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_12_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_12.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_13_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_13.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_14_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_14.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_15_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_15.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_16_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_16.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_17_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_17.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_18_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_18.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_20_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_20.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_21_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_21.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_22_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_22.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_23_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_23.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_24_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_24.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_25_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_25.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_26_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_26.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_27_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_27.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_28_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_28.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_29_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_29.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_30_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_30.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_31_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_31.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_32_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_32.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_33_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_33.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_34_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_34.jpg)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_36_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_36.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_37_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_37.jpg)http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/tn/the_falklands_map_night_38_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/map/night/the_falklands_map_night_38.jpg)

AAS 128 (Day)
Setting: Day
Tickets Team 1: 1500
Tickets Team 2: 1500
Info: Based on the 1982 Falklands War: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Land.ops.2.en.svg/800px-Land.ops.2.en.svg.png


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64.jpg)

GBHMS Invincible4x Sea Harrier FRS1 (Fighter) [5min Delayed Spawn]
1x Harrier GR3 (A - Ground Attack - 2x 500lb Bombs) [5min Spawn]
1x Harrier GR3 (C - Ground Attack - 2x 36, 2" (50mm) Rocket Pods, 72 Total) [5min Spawn, Max of 2]
1x Harrier GR3 (B -Ground Attack - 2x 1000lb LGB) [20min Delayed Spawn]
1x Wessex Helicopters [5min Spawn, max of 3]
1x Gazelle Helicopter [5min Spawn]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesAtlantic Conveyor (Destroyable)1x Chinook CH1 [10min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]
1x RHIB [5min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]San Carlos / Bomb Alley2x Logi Trucks [10min Delayed Spawn, Max of 2]
1x Landrover Support [10min Delayed, Max of 2]
1x Scimitars [20min Delayed Spawn, Max of 2]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RHIB [20min Delayed Spawn]ArgentinaArgentina3x Mirage IIIEA (Fighter) [5min Spawn]
2x IAI Dagger (Fighter Bomber) [5min Delayed Spawn]
2x A-4C Skyhawk (Ground Attack) [5min Spawn]
1x Mirage IIIEA AS (Anti-Shipping) [10min Delayed Spawn]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesPebble Island1x A-1H Skyraider (Ground Attack) [5min Spawn, Max of 2]
- Bunch of AA DefencesStanley3x Logi Trucks [5min Spawn, max of 2]
2x Transport Trucks [5min Spawn, Max of 2]
1x UH-1H Iroquois [10min Spawn, Max of 3]
1x Hippie Van (Support Jeep) [5min Spawn, Max of 2]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RP [No Respawn]
1x ZPU-4 AAAMt. Tumbledown1x RP [No Respawn]

AAS 64 (Day) & AAS 32 (Night)
Setting: 64 Day, 32 Night.
Tickets Team 1: 1000
Tickets Team 2: 1000
Info: Based on the 1982 Falklands War: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Land.ops.2.en.svg/800px-Land.ops.2.en.svg.png

32: http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/mapOverview_gpm_cq_32.jpg

http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64.jpg)

GBHMS Invincible4x Sea Harrier FRS1 (Fighter) [5min Delayed Spawn]
1x Harrier GR3 (A - Ground Attack - 2x 500lb Bombs) [5min Spawn]
1x Harrier GR3 (C - Ground Attack - 2x 36, 2" (50mm) Rocket Pods, 72 Total) [5min Spawn]
1x Harrier GR3 (B -Ground Attack - 2x 1000lb LGB) [20min Delayed Spawn]
1x Wessex Helicopters [5min Spawn, max of 2]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesAtlantic Conveyor (Destroyable)1x Chinook CH1 [10min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]
1x RHIB [5min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]San Carlos / Bomb Alley2x Logi Trucks [10min Delayed Spawn]
1x Landrover Support [10min Delayed Spawn]
1x Scimitars [20min Delayed Spawn]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RHIB [10min Delayed Spawn]ArgentinaArgentina2x Mirage IIIEA (Fighter) [5min Spawn]
1x IAI Dagger (Fighter Bomber) [5min Delayed Spawn]
2x A-4C Skyhawk (Ground Attack) [5min Spawn]
1x Mirage IIIEA AS (Anti-Shipping) [10min Delayed Spawn]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesPebble Island1x A-1H Skyraider (Ground Attack) [5min Spawn]
- Bunch of AA DefencesStanley3x Logi Trucks [5min Spawn]
2x Transport Trucks [5min Spawn]
1x UH-1H Iroquois [10min Spawn, Max of 2]
1x Hippie Van (Support Jeep) [5min Spawn]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RP [No Respawn]
1x ZPU-4 AAAMt. Tumbledown1x RP [No Respawn]

AAS 16 (Night)
Setting: Night
Tickets Team 1: 600
Tickets Team 2: 600
Info: Based on the 1982 Falklands War: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Land.ops.2.en.svg/800px-Land.ops.2.en.svg.png


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_aas64.jpg)

GBHMS Invincible1x Wessex Helicopters [5min Spawn, max of 2]
1x Gazelle Helicopter [5min Delayed Spawn]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesAtlantic Conveyor (Destroyable)1x Chinook CH1 [10min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]
1x RHIB [5min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]San Carlos / Bomb Alley2x Logi Trucks [10min Delayed Spawn]
1x Landrover Support [10min Delayed Spawn]
1x Scimitars [20min Delayed Spawn]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RHIB [10min Delayed Spawn]ArgentinaStanley3x Logi Trucks [5min Spawn]
3x Transport Trucks [5min Spawn]
1x UH-1H Iroquois [10min Spawn, Max of 2]
1x Hippie Van (Support Jeep) [5min Spawn, Max of 3]
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x RP [No Respawn]
1x ZPU-4 AAAMt. Tumbledown1x RP [No Respawn]

Vehicle Warfare 64 (Day)
Setting: Day
Tickets Team 1: 200 (Python Set)
Tickets Team 2: 200 (Python Set)
Evolving around CAP to put the enemy into a ticket bleed and bombing objectives that cost tickets (bombing ground targets doesn't cost the enemy tickets yet but hopefully will in a future release).


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_vw64_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_vw64.jpg)

GBHMS Invincible4x Sea Harrier FRS1 (Fighter) [2min Spawn, max of 6]
2x Harrier GR3 (A - Ground Attack - 2x 500lb Bombs) [2min Spawn, max of 4]
1x Harrier GR3 (C - Ground Attack - 2x 36, 2" (50mm) Rocket Pods, 72 Total) [2min Spawn, max of 3]
1x Harrier GR3 (B -Ground Attack - 2x 1000lb LGB) [10min Spawn, Max of 2]
1x Wessex Helicopters [5min Spawn, max of 3]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesAtlantic Conveyor (Destroyable Objective)1x Chinook CH1 [10min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]
1x RHIB [5min Delayed Spawn, max of 3]San Carlos / Bomb Alley4x Logi Trucks [10min Spawn] (Objective)
2x Landrover Support [10min Spawn] (Objective)
2x Scimitars [15min Spawn] (Objective)
1x Control Radar [10min Spawn] (Objective)
- Bunch of AA DefencesArgentinaArgentina3x Mirage IIIEA (Fighter) [2min Spawn, max of 5]
2x IAI Dagger (Fighter Bomber) [4min Spawn, Max of 3]
2x A-4C Skyhawk (Ground Attack) [2min Spawn, Max of 3]
1x Mirage IIIEA AS (Anti-Shipping) [10min Spawn, Max of 2]
- ATC, Radar & AA DefencesPebble Island1x A-1H Skyraider (Ground Attack) [5min Spawn, Max of 3]
- Bunch of AA DefencesStanley1x UH-1H Iroquois [5min Spawn, Max of 3]
4x Logi Trucks [10min Spawn] (Objective)
4x Transport Trucks [10min Spawn] (Objective)
3x A-1H Skyraider [10min Spawn] (Objective)
1x Control Radar [10min Spawn] (Objective)
- Bunch of AA DefencesGoose Green1x Logi Trucks [10min Spawn] (Objective)
1x ZPU-4 AAA

Skirmish 32 - Operation Rosario (Day)
Setting: Day
Tickets Team 1: 125
Tickets Team 2: 100
Based on the initial Argentine invasion of the islands: 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Rosario)


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_skirmish32_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_skirmish32.jpg)

ArgentinaARA Cabo San Antonio (Landing Ship)2x LVPT-7 [10min Spawn]
3x RHIB [2min Spawn, Max of 3]

Skirmish 16 - Pebble Island Raid (Night)
Setting: Night
Tickets Team 1: 100
Tickets Team 2: 40
Based on the SAS Raid on Pebble Island: Raid on Pebble Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raid_on_Pebble_Island)
GBs objective is to destroy the aircraft on the airfield, while Argentina tries to fight off the attackers.
Note that shooting the engine of the aircraft causes more damage than shooting the fuselage, and you can quite effectively destroy these with bullets, simulating damaging the aircraft vital systems so it cant be flown.


http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_skirmish16_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/falklands_skirmish16.jpg)

GBAtlantic Conveyor1x Wessex [10min Respawn]
3x RHIB [5min Respawn, max of 3]ArgentinaPebble Island14x Pucara (Dummy Objectives, A-1H as Place Holder) [No Respawn, Costing 10 tickets each]


British Soldiers

The British are currently using the Solider models/textures and Kit Geoms of the Modern British Forces in Project Reality. Hopefully in time we will be able to update them to be more in line with what the British uniforms/kit of 1982 but for now they are a pretty close match, with the odd bit of modern equipment on them and slightly the wrong camo :)


Argentine Soldiers

The Argentinian player models are reskinned MEC Player models, using the US Vietnam kit geoms, both re-textured by [R-DEV]Spush as per this blog here: The Argies are coming! - Project Reality Forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b336-argies-coming.html)



Many new weapons have been added into this mod for PR:F based on the weapons used in the war back in 1982. One big difference between the weapons in PR:F and the weapons in normal PR is that their are very few scopes in PR:F, unlike in normal PR. This is due to scopes being very rare back then, with only really being issued to Marksman and Snipers. As such most of the weapons have standard iron sights and you will need to try and get up close to your enemy in order to get a sure kill. One of the very interesting things about this war is both sides had very common hand-held weapons. They both used versions of the FN FAL for their main rifle, they both used versions of the FN MAG GPMG, both used versions of the Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol and so on.

Deviation Tweaks

Rudd and [R-CON]K_Rivers have been both working very hard on sorting out some new deviation code for v1.0 and the latest code currently has been included into the PR:F v0.18 release which we hope will significantly improve infantry gameplay and also server as a good testing bed to fine tweak our deviation for the v1.0 release :D

British Weapons
Knife: SLR BayonetPlace Holder: G3 Bayonet
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/G3_Bayonet_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/G3_Bayonet.jpg)Pistol: L9 PistolModel: PR:BF2
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/L9_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/L9.jpg)Rifle: L1A1 SLRModel: [R-CON]Tomato-With-ARifle
Textures: [R-DEV]Sabre-Oz
Export: [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/L1A1_SLR_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/L1A1_SLR.jpg)Marksman Rifle: L1A1 SLR - SUIT 4x Scope (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b338-sight-unit-infantry-trilux-suit.html)Model: [R-DEV]Rhino & [R-CON]Tomato-With-ARifle
Textures: [R-DEV]Sabre-Oz
Export: [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/L1A1_SLR_SUIT_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/L1A1_SLR_SUIT.jpg)SMG: L2A3 SterlingPlace Holder: MP5LMG: L4 BrenPlace Holder: L7A2 GPMGGPMG: L7A2 (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115180-fn-mag-gpmg-series.html)Model: [R-DEV]DMC, [R-DEV]Tim270
Texture: [R-DEV]DMC, [R-DEV]Spush
Export: [R-DEV]Chuc, [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/L7A2_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/L7A2.jpg)Sniper Rifle: L42A1Place Holder: No 4 Lee EnfieldFrag Grenade: L2A2 Frag GrenadeModel: Exec
Texture: ZondaX15
Export: [R-DEV]Hauteclocque
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/L2A2_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/L2A2.jpg)Grenade Launcher: M79Model: Exec & [R-DEV]Adriaan
Texture: Zefan
Export: [R-DEV]Chuc
Coding: [R-DEV]Mosquill
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M79_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M79.jpg)Light Anti-Tank: LAW66Model: PR:BF2
Re-Texture: ZondaX15Heavy Anti-Tank: L14A1 Carl GustavPlace Holder: M20 Super Bazooka
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M20_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M20.jpg)Anti-Air: Blowpipe MANPADPlace Holder: FIM-92 StingerAP Mine: ClaymoreModel: vBF2Field Dressing: EnglishModel: PR:BF2Stationary/Deployable HMG: M2HBModel: BFK ModStationary/Deployable Anti-Tank: Milan AT MissileModel: USI Mod
Texture: ZondaX15Stationary/Deployable Light Anti-Air: FIM-92 StingerModel: vBF2Stationary Medium Anti-Air: M167 VADSModel: USI modStationary Heavy Anti-Air: Rapier SAMPlace Holder: MIM-23 HAWK - USI Mod
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/MIM23_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/MIM23.jpg)

Argentine Weapons
Knife: FN FAL BayonetPlace Holder: G3 Bayonet
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/G3_Bayonet_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/G3_Bayonet.jpg)Pistol: Browning Hi-Power 9mmModel: PR:BF2
Re-Export: [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/Browning_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/Browning.jpg)Rifle: FM FALModel: [R-CON]Tomato-With-ARifle
Textures: [R-DEV]Sabre-Oz
Export: [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/FMFAL_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/FMFAL.jpg)Marksman Rifle: FM FAL - ScopePlace Holder: M14 (Wood)
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M14_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M14.jpg)SMG: PAM1 9mm Grease GunModel: BFK mod
Texture: BFK mod
Export: BFK mod
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/GreaseGun_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/GreaseGun.jpg)LMG: FM FAPPlace Holder: FN MAG GPMGGPMG: FN MAG (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115180-fn-mag-gpmg-series.html)Model: [R-DEV]DMC, [R-DEV]Tim270
Texture: [R-DEV]DMC, [R-DEV]Spush
Export: [R-DEV]Chuc, [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/FNMAG_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/FNMAG.jpg)Sniper Rifle: M14 NVS Sniper RiflePlace Holder: Mosin-Nagant ZF (BFK mod)Frag Grenade: M67 Frag GrenadeModel: vBF2Grenade Launcher: M79 Grenade LauncherModel: Exec & [R-DEV]Adriaan
Texture: Zefan
Export: [R-DEV]Chuc
Coding: [R-DEV]Mosquill
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M79_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M79.jpg)Light Anti-Tank: M20 Super Bazooka (single shot)Model: BFK mod
Texture: BFK mod
Export: [R-DEV]Chuc & [R-DEV]Rhino
Coding: [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69, [R-DEV]Chuc & [R-DEV]Rhino
Animations: [R-DEV]Chuc
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M20_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M20.jpg)Heavy Anti-Tank: M67 recoilless rifleUsing M20 Super Bazooka as Place Holder
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/M20_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/M20.jpg)Anti-Air: Blowpipe MANPADUsing SA-7 as Place Holder
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/SA7_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/SA7.jpg)AP Mine: P4B AP MineModel: PR:BF2Field Dressing: ArgentineModel: PR:BF2
Texture: AgemmanStationary/Deployable HMG: M2HBModel: BFK ModStationary/Deployable Anti-Tank: Model 1968 Recoilless GunPlace Holder: SPG-9Stationary/Deployable Light Anti-Air: DJIGIT SA-18Model: vBF2Stationary Medium Anti-Air: Rheinmetall 20mm/75 AAAPlace Holder: ZPU-4 - USI ModStationary Heavy Anti-Air: Tigercat SAMPlace Holder: MIM-23 HAWK - USI Mod
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/tn/MIM23_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Weapons/MIM23.jpg)


Land vehicles didn't play a major role in the Falklands conflict for either side, due to the hostile terrain and the logistics involved in shipping them to the Islands. However, the air campaign over the Falklands during the war was intense, so a lot of planes and helicopters should make up for the lack of ground vehicles.

British Land Vehicles
Support Jeep: Land RoverModel: PR:BF2Truck: Land Rover 101 FCPlace Holder: MAN TruckReconnaissance Vehicle / Light Tank: FV107 ScimitarModel: PR:BF2
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Scimitar_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Scimitar.jpg)

Argentine Land Vehicles
Support Jeep: VW Westfalia aka Hippie VanModel: EOD2 modTruck: M-35 TruckModel: USI modAmphibious Assault Vehicle: LVTP-7Re-Texture: ZondaX15
Coding: dkleader & [R-DEV]Rhino
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders

British Helicopters
Light Transport / Reconnaissance Helicopter: Westland AH1 Gazelle
Model: OPK2 mod
Texture: GP_MineralWouter
Coding: [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69 & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Gazelle_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Gazelle.jpg)Medium Lift Helicopter: Westland Wessex HU.5Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: dkleader & [R-DEV]Rhino
Sounds: [R-DEV]anders
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Wessex_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Wessex.jpg)Heavy Lift Helicopter: Chinook CH1Model: [R-DEV]Stigger
Texture: [R-DEV]Stigger
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Chinook_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Chinook.jpg)

Argentine Helicopters
Medium Lift Helicopter: Bell UH-1H IroquoisModel: EOD2 mod
Texture: ZondaX15
Coding: dkleader & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/UH-1H_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/UH-1H.jpg)

British Jets

Fighter Jet: Sea Harrier FRS1Weapons Config #1: 2x 30mm Cannons (260 rounds), 2x AIM-9, 2x Drop Tanks & Radar

Model: [R-DEV]Stigger
Texture: [R-DEV]Stigger
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/SeaHarrier_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/SeaHarrier.jpg)Ground Attack Jet: Harrier GR3Weapons Config #1: 2x 30mm Cannons (260 rounds), 2x 500lb GPB & 2x Drop Tanks
Weapons Config #2: 2x 30mm Cannons (260 rounds), 2x 1000lb LGB & 2x Drop Tanks
Weapons Config #3: 2x 30mm Cannons (260 rounds), 2x 36, 2" (50mm) Rocket Pods & 2x Drop Tanks

Model: [R-DEV]Stigger
Texture: [R-DEV]Stigger
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/HarrierGR3_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/HarrierGR3.jpg)

Argentine Jets & Turboprops
Fighter Jet: Mirage IIIEAWeapons Config #1: 2x 30mm Cannons (250 rounds), 2x AA-11, 1x R530, 2x Drop Tanks & Radar
Weapons Config #2: 2x AA-11, 1x AM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile, 2x Drop Tanks & Radar

Model: AIX mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: ZondaX15
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Mirage3EA_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Mirage3EA.jpg)Fighter-Bomber Jet: IAI DaggerWeapons Config #1: 2x 30mm Cannons (250 rounds), 2x AA-11, 2x 500lb GPB & 3x Drop Tanks

Model: AIX mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: ZondaX15
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/Dagger_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/Dagger.jpg)Ground Attack Jet: A-4C SkyhawkWeapons Config #1: 2x 20mm Cannons (200 rounds), 3x 500lb GPB & 2x Drop Tanks

Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: [R-DEV]Spush
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/A-4C_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/A-4C.jpg)Ground Attack Turboprop: FMA IA 58 PucaraWeapons Config #1: 4x 20mm Cannons (720 rounds), 4x 19, 70mm Rockets (76 total)

Place Holder: A-1H Skyraider
Model: EOD2 mod & [R-DEV]Rhino
Texture: 3===SPECTER===3
Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad & [R-DEV]Rhino
http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/tn/A-1H_tn.jpg (http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/promo/falklands/Vehicles/A-1H.jpg)

Misc Credits:
The Falklands Map: [R-DEV]Rhino & [R-DEV]Dr Rank
Python Coding: [R-DEV]BloodyDeed & AnimalMother
Kit Coding: AnimalMother & [R-DEV]Rhino
HUD Icons (Minimap flags etc): CTRifle
Flag Textures: CTRifle
Argentine Win/Loose Music: [RMLa]faccion
Jet Physics Coding: [R-DEV]Jafar_Ironclad
Matra R.530 Missile Texture: [R-CON]K_Rivers
AM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile Texture: nater
A-1H Objective Marker Code: [R-DEV]AncientMan
Dumb Bomb Physics Code: dkleader

https://www.realitymod.com/forum/images/pr/buttons/reply.gif (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1819718)

Update #10: PR:BF2 Falklands v0.1 Addon Release Date & Trailer ('https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/115204-pr-bf2-falklands-v0-1-addon-release-date-trailer.html')

Hello and welcome to an exciting update from the Project Reality team. Today we are very proud to announce that the release of our third official DLC, PR:BF2 Falklands (PR:F), is finally upon us! You heard right, the infamous 1982 Falklands War has been recreated within the PR:BF2 v0.97 modification. Our entire team has labored endlessly and dedicated themselves to ensure that this addon remains historically accurate while preserving the team-oriented gameplay and high quality that has come to be expected from PR team.

Even though this release will include several place holders, the gameplay and quality is very solid and we feel that it is time to show our progress and have you help serve as a platform for testing the new content and features in a public environment. So, it is with great pleasure that the PR team will be publicly releasing Project Reality: BF2 Falklands v0.1 on:

http://media.realitymod.com/prfsig.gif (https://www.realitymod.com)
Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 19:00:00
PRT (Project Reality Time) / UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

About the Falklands War
Three hundred miles off the Argentina coast in the South Atlantic lay the British-owned Falkland Islands, consisting of two main isles (East and West Falkland) and about two hundred smaller islands. With a total population of only a couple thousand stalwart individuals, the Falklands seems an odd place to fight a war over, but that's exactly what happened on Friday 2nd April 1982 when the Argentine war machine invaded and captured the islands.

In response, the British dispatched a naval task force 8,000 miles to engage the Argentine Forces and retake the islands. Seventy-two days later the conflict was over. The British forces, which had been outnumbered from the start, triumphed over the Argentine forces, capturing 11,000 prisoners but suffered casualties numbering in the hundreds.

Project Reality: BF2 Falklands Addon Trailer
The following trailer highlights some of the new content and gameplay changes you will find in the PR:BF2 Falklands v0.1 addon. So, sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy the ride!


New Content and Features
The PR:F addon contains a number of new features and is packed with two new factions completely outfitted with brand new weapons and vehicles. Even more content will be added in future versions, but for now, the following is what you will find in PR:BF2 Falklands v0.1:

2 New Factions - 1982 British Armed Forces and 1982 Argentine Armed Forces
1 New Large Scale Map - The Falklands (8km x 8km)
12 New Vehicles - Including the Sea Harrier FRS.1, Mirage IIIEA and Wessex HU.5 Helicopter
17 New Weapons - Including the L1A1 SLR, M20 Super Bazooka and FN MAG GPMG
Sinkable Atlantic Conveyor Cargo Ship Objective
New Weapon Deviation Settings
Improved Jet Physics
Plus many more features!

http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/harrier_gr3_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/harrier_gr3.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/argentine_armed_forces_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/argentine_armed_forces.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/improved_jet_physics_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/improved_jet_physics.jpg)
http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/l7a2_gpmg_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/l7a2_gpmg.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/a1h_skyraider_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/a1h_skyraider.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/the_falklands_map_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/the_falklands_map.jpg)
http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/mim23_hawk_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/mim23_hawk.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/wessex_hu5_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/wessex_hu5.jpg) http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/thumbs/sea_harrier_frs1_thumb.jpg (http://media.realitymod.com/news/prf018/update/sea_harrier_frs1.jpg)

For a complete, comprehensive list of all the new features and changes in PR:BF2 Falklands, please view the following forum thread:

View the Full Project Reality: BF2 Falklands v0.1 Addon Feature List (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115200)

Download Information
The PR:BF2 Falklands addon will be distributed as a single installer and will be available via Torrent and direct download. The Project Reality: BF2 v0.97 mod will be required to play this addon. Similar to the recent release of Project Reality: Vietnam, this DLC release will be a completely optional addon. However, due to many servers running the PR:F addon, we strongly recommend that everyone download and install it to avoid problems with servers running a mixed map rotation.

If you currently host a Project Reality game server, you will receive the server files for Project Reality: BF2 Falklands via the Server Admin Control Panel a few hours before the release. If you are interested in hosting a new server, please Apply For a License (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/licenseapp.php).

In conclusion, we hope that everyone is looking forward to the release of PR:BF2 Falklands. We are confident that everyone can look past the in-game place holders and have an enjoyable time while hashing it out in this remote part of the South Atlantic. Please feel free to join us on our IRC channel (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52324) or visit our public forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=562) to discuss this or other news and don't forget to connect with Project Reality through the following social media to receive up to the minute updates, sneak peeks and more!

Become a Fan on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/realitymod) | Follow Us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/realitymod) | Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/realitymod)

- The Project Reality Team

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Release #1: PR:BF2 Falklands v0.1 Addon Released! (www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/115350-pr-bf2-falklands-v0-1-addon-released.html)

Update #11: PR:Falklands v0.182 Server Side Patch (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/115419-pr-falklands-v0-182-server-side-patch.html)

Release #2: PR:Falklands v0.192 Released! (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/116836-pr-falklands-v0-192-released.html)

Update #12: Don't you think you could have brought something a little more practical? - Project Reality Forums (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b396-dont-you-think-you-could-have-brought-something-little-more-practical.html)

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Update #18: Type 912 Director Radar - Type 21 System (#1) (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b441-type-912-director-radar-type-21-system-1.html)

Update #19: [Gameplay] CLOS SAM Systems (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/140442-clos-sam-systems.html)

Development Assets:
If you wish to help out with the development of the Falklands mini-mod, please check these topics below and/or, shoot me ([R-DEV]Rhino) a PM.

Community Tasks: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f605-community-tasks/110920-falklands-community-tasks.html

2016-01-20, 10:49
Updated OP with new Blog Post! :D

Update #18: Type 912 Director Radar - Type 21 System (#1) (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/blogs/2363/b441-type-912-director-radar-type-21-system-1.html)