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2012-03-04, 13:19
American airborne landings in Normandy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_airborne_landings_in_Normandy)

Would be so tight to have the hability to get a plane that would parachute troops like it was during WWII over normandy... What you guys think of this idea ?

2012-03-04, 13:23
Yes. Next version ;).

2012-03-05, 20:34

2012-03-05, 21:44
Woah... Im' having an... ORGASM !! :D

2012-03-05, 22:28
I totally asked first a month or two ago ;)

+1, I have nerdgasms everytime I think about jumping out of a C-47

2012-03-06, 01:39
Night map, airborne landings, BiA style... no, no, too much awesomeness.

2012-03-06, 11:00
Night map, airborne landings, BiA style... no, no, too much awesomeness.

Germans pointing AA guns at us... :S

2012-03-07, 14:50
saxy much. love u AD

2012-03-07, 16:21
We thought about using the Chinook's interior and block the back door, so people would jump off the side door. We might have a C-47 model instead.

Also the chinook would be placed quite high to avoid the germans to shoot you while you fall down. Also germans would spawn a little bit after US troops to avoid spawn kill and make some kind of "surprise" effect.

Spawns would be random so you would have to regroup with your squad. Props were added in buildings for cover, etc :P

2012-03-07, 19:51
Had 4 great uncles in 101st Airborne and 102nd Inf on D-Day.
While I like the idea of airborne troops, tbh, I think the PN map is too small.
I mean, the 82nd landed 10 to 20 KM inland if I recall correctly, in the Ste Mere-Eglise, Carentan, Ste Maire DuMont triangle.
Only units in the 82nd that connected with the beach landing force within 24 hours were small units that bailed out cause their planes took damage or got lost in the clouds/fog. The main 82nd force did not connect to the landing force for 3 and half days.


82nd actual drop zones

101st actual drop zones

If you add paradrops and do not change the autobalance to benefit the German side something like 60/40, i don't think the gameplay is going to work, especially true if the US CO paradrops and gets a CO rally point placed.

2012-03-07, 20:26
Why would it be unfair to the germans? US will spawn non-organised (spawn will be random, like in Korengal), while Germans will have vehicles. US won't have supply crates whenever they want with supply trucks. Instead we thought about introducing the good old vBF2 supply drop system from the Commander.

2012-03-07, 22:18
Well... Prachuting could be used only for like the first 10 minutes ? THey weren't parachuting all night long too... ;)

2012-03-08, 02:03
Well, for a long time, the point is to always have other people coming down, germans looking in the sky and seeing US troops falling down, people landing on roofs, bunkers, etc, during all the game. Also it's always cool to land alone, hide in a bush and see a german halftrack coming :)

2012-03-08, 03:16
So I was thinking about this a while ago when I asked my several questions about the future of PN (if you recall).

Do you think you'll eventually add in the cricket clickers to the U.S. kits? Semi-automatic fire that makes the clicker sounds to identify American troops in the dark?

While obviously you have the mini-map in-game to identify friendlies, I thought it would be cool for immersion to add these in, just a suggestion if you haven't thought about it :)

Of course it may not add too much to gameplay, therefore may not be too important to add...

2012-03-08, 05:16
The paratroopers won't be on the D-Day layer of course. The map will get a "night" layer where nobody has access to the beach - forget about the beach and the sea and pretend it takes place more inland and it's the night before D-Day.

Don't know if it'll work, but if we don't try, we'll never know.

2012-03-08, 07:37
Is it going to be like that, there is going to be a plane or planes what are controlled by players and airfield to takeoff and land from? So it will be like that, the paratroopers and pilots of the planes spawns in airfield and they need to get in those planes and fly from there over to the dropping zone? Or is it going to be just spawnpoints in the sky?

2012-03-08, 07:38
I'd love a map like that, but I don't have it, so it's going to be spawnpoints in the sky. I'm working on spawning you inside a plane, but that's all very WIP.

2012-03-08, 13:24
Omaha should suffice for a POC thingy, and yay night. In the futire, a proper map should be created. :D

2012-03-08, 15:12
I love you AD