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2012-01-21, 11:14
hi all

it s probably a bit late to suggest it, is it posible to add or to change some US skin soldier in british skin soldier, I know the US army had the bloody Omaha and other stuff but it is damage to forget british troops

I think if you do some teamwork with the mod "forgotten hope" team, it will not be to much work in more




You were not alone that day.

2012-01-21, 21:08
It has nothing to do with ignoring other forces involved in the landings but more to do with limited resources and infancy of the mini-mod. If it blossoms into something much more larger and higher quality then I'm sure PN will expand and include what they can.

2012-01-22, 01:42
Having a british faction would involve way more than only changing the textures, they got different helmets, guns that we don't have, berets, tanks, etc. And I don't think we could team up with FH2 as they need to keep their stuff, otherwise they would lose all the players they have left.