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2011-12-27, 19:01
So i have this problem.

I have wireless set up on my modem and have 1 PC wired, 2 wireless laptops and an android tablet.

Now every now and then i loose conection to the internet on wireless laptops but not on PC or tablet and if i want to fix it i have to restart my modem and it takes 5 minutes to restart which makes me somewhat annoyed as i loose phone, internet and TV connection for the time. oh and i still am connected to my house LAN.

since its only happening on wireless i first tried resetting my modem, no joy;
then i called my ISP and they changed the modem, now it gets even more frequent

then i bought my tablet and noticed wireless still works when a laptop stops working so i thought it might be a laptop issue so i played with the settings a bit to no joy at all.

wfat do u suggest me to do now?


2011-12-27, 21:57
throw the freaking laptop in the trash, and use a desktop + wire, because wireless will be crap for another 5 years at least /troll

well i had the same problem, and it was a bitch to fix (well to find the fix)
what you could try changing the channel on the wireless router, change the wireless mode (the g/b/n stuff)
disable power saving mode on laptops for the wireless adapter
turn off windows firewalls cuz that shit is useless
update wireless card drivers (can be quite annoying, and it might not even want to update, if your card is intel make sure to thank them)
update router firmware

if all of this doesnt work, answer then its on to disabling quality of service, thats what fixed my problems

2011-12-27, 21:57
You might be able to use the ipconfig release renew command line to fix the laptops without having to reset the modem.

First thing to try is set a static IP address on your router, for each of your laptops and your android tablet.
You might also want to enable any logging features of your router,

Release and Renew IP Addresses on Windows XP | 2000 | NT (http://compnetworking.about.com/cs/windowsnetworkin1/ht/renewipaddrwxp.htm)

If you use windows Vista. Windows 7, or Windows 8 on your laptop, you need to run ipconfig as an admin.. here is how:
Elevated Command Prompt Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/3718-elevated-command-prompt-shortcut.html)

Your android tablet needs to be connected to your router and you should be able to use your wired PC to log into router administration and set the static IP.

Depending on your router, you might have the QualityofService QoS setting set incorrectly, that can cause freezes such as you describe. Mostly affects Linksys and D-Link routers.

What make and model of router do you have?

2011-12-27, 23:15
Might be that signal is too weak on wifi router, channel is too much used in your area so there is alot of noise in signal, or laptop power saving casuing this to happen. Pretty much is covered already by karambaitos and Litoralis.
First try boosting and measuring your signal, try moving laptops around and see what happens with it. If you dont lose connectivity when laptop is close to router then thats it. If not then check power saving and drivers while youre there. QoS should be disabled. That thing dont work right on those "cheap" routers that providers give us ( from experience ).

Next to do is to scan network around you and see if anyone in your area uses the same channel. If so change it to some that is not used at all, or less used. If router allows switch modes from "b" to "g" or "n".

Setting up static IPs might be useful, but it depends how much tech savvy you are. Go with it if you can but I doubt that might be the problem.

Also check to see what type of encryption if any your wifi network uses and see if its secured ( locked ). Use WPA2 and generate strong password. Here we got a joke ongoing - whats best ISP of the year? Neighbors unsecured wifi :P

2011-12-28, 08:59
Here we got a joke ongoing - whats best ISP of the year? Neighbors unsecured wifi :P
true true.

it seems fixed now after ive done karams magic(xcept driver updaet) as it hasnt disconected for like 4 hours or so. will come back to say if iits fixed in a few days. thnx karam, litoralis and massive