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2011-12-20, 23:50
Yes I am pretty new to the forums. But not PR.

Here are some knowledge tips for squad leaders

Q:When capping an objective, you see a enemy APC/TANK from a long way... What you do?
A:Mark it, then tell the Tank squad/apc/soilder with AT kit to take it down. Don't goof off.

Q:Where should I place some FOB's?
A: Place it in 'hidden' area's or near objective. Don't place behind enemy lines. Stay w/ your team.

Q:What kind of squad should I host?
A: Host a squad you want and your good at... Example's below.
1.If you are amazing at Piloting Trans heli's make a Trans Heli squad
2.IF you are great at commanding a tank/apc create a APC/Tank squad.
3.If you are good at Mechanized Infantry, DON'T do a sniper squad. Do a Mech INF squad.

Q:Should I communicate frequently with the team?
A: Yes. Don't spam the commander. Don't annoy anyone. Just play the game right and use mumble/mic communication.

Q:Should I make a mortar squad?
A: Yes and No. Depends on what map. If you are insurgents in Fallujah West, I would. Taking out Troops is good as heck. Make Mortars accurate as you can get.

Q: How many troops do I need in a APC squad?
A: Depends, if you have 2 Strykers you just need 4. For a Bradley you need about 4. But depends.

Q: I want to have a flank of a objective, what do I do?
A: Easy. Examples:
1.If 4 entrances... Have 2 at 2 of them except one entrance will have one as well as the last.

Q: Should I leave a logi or asset in the same spot?
A: Nope, don't. It's not worth it. Leaving assets in same spot is dumb. It's useless too.

**Will add more**

2011-12-21, 01:12
sidenote: Drop the colored text, its impossible to read (especially the light green on light grey background!!!)