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2011-12-13, 02:56
Hi guys, first of all thank you for the PR mod.
Just found that the second pilot don't have much to do during the flight, so I would suggest letting him to fire his rifle, just like the following video :

Thanks for watching, happy shooting hooyah :lol:

2011-12-13, 03:13
just put the video tag in the youtube stuff, so in your case...





Also, there's an edit button FYI

2011-12-13, 03:40
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And in Chinese incase you didn't understand:


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2011-12-13, 04:24
I'd also like to welcome you to the forums.

As dtacs has correctly stated, you are not allowed to post suggestions outside of the suggestions forum, and even inside the suggestions forum, you need to be
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Locking this thread as a suggestion outside of the appropriate forum section.