View Full Version : Increase Grenadier Grenades for Primary/Alt Kits

2011-12-10, 10:20
As stated in the title, both the primary and alternate grenadier kits need an increase in the number of grenades included in the kits. The standard grenadier kit only carries three rifle launched grenades, severely limiting this kit's usage in the intended role. The alternate grenadier kit carries the M3/MP40 SMG, is a very effective CQB weapon, however only two frag grenades, limiting the usefulness of the kit in a close assault role.

As the primary grenadier kit is intended to be a longer range support weapon for infantry squads, an increase to six grenades would be appropriate. A small decrease in rifle ammunition would be appropriate as well, to compensate for the additional weight of the grenades. I would suggest a reduction from seven total magazines (one loaded plus six spares) to five (one loaded plus four spares).

With the alternate grenadier kit being more intended for a close assault role, I would suggest a similar increase there. I suggest an increase to four frag grenades, however the magazine count should remain as is at five (one loaded, four spares).

The only other tweaks to the kit that I would suggest would be to lower the rate of fire on the M3 grease gun a bit for balance reasons. The cyclic rate of this weapon, real world, is 450 rounds per minute. (Source (http://www.kmike.com/Grease/fm-23-41.pdf)). In PN, bringing the rate of fire to the level of the MP40 would suffice, as currently it is far too fast. Additionally, the magazine size of this weapon should also be 30 rounds. (see previous source) Both of these pieces of information can be verified at the above linked source in Chapter 1, pages 6 and 4 respectively.

2011-12-10, 12:14
I support this. Especiallly without any functioning sights, three granades is just joke, because you spend at least one on adjusting on target.

When we get engaged by a granadier in vanilla PR, I get pretty scared. This should be the case in Normandy, too.


2011-12-10, 12:32
The Grease Gun is already going to be fixed.

The number of ammo will be increased for all kits for next release. Even the alt-grenadier kit will have more thompson ammo, 5 is not enough.

In PN you shoot so often to get out of the beach and to hit a target without binoculars that you need alot of ammo. Garand mag count will reach at least 10 for exemple.

2011-12-10, 19:37
I appreciate the input. Thank you for the info. I was not sure about the grease gun. I absolutely love the weapon, and was very happy to see it included in the mod. You guys are doing a great job. :)