View Full Version : CLV Panther armour = .50 humvee

2011-12-01, 00:33

i was testing the armour resistance in the CLV Panther and i noticed that it's the same as the .50 HUMVEE (at least for grenades, light AT and rifles)

i don't know if its like this because of game balance ...

2011-12-01, 03:44
according to here://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iveco_LMV

the panther can have STANAG 4569 lvl1-4 armour. Level 4 can resist up to 14.5mm rounds, level 1 is protected against 7.62mm.

The humvee's standard armour again according to wikipedia has resistance to "small arms" witch is essentialy up to 7.62mm.

It would be reasonable to say the panthers in PR only have "level 1" armour, I guess, but it would probably be a tad unrealistic.

2011-12-01, 17:44
The Humvees in PR represent those up-armoured ones though, with the thick doors etc. Presumably it's inthe same class?

2011-12-01, 18:23
i meant to say that the armour of panther it's equal to normal humvee with the .50 (not the humvee CROWS)

3 normal grenades can blow then up to pieces...

2011-12-01, 18:24
You sure about this mate? I've seen Panthers ingame take 2 LAT hits, I assumed the material assignment was different to the humvee.

2011-12-01, 19:18
2 LATs?? You sure they didn't glitch out? I've killed fresh panthers with a chinese LAT head on, which in my mind is how it should be.

2011-12-01, 19:21
I've seen panthers go down at 1, 2 and 3 hits so far ingame, a reasonable survival against 1 is ok imo given that landrover goes down in 1.

2011-12-01, 19:57
1 making a fresh one black smoke would seem good.

2011-12-01, 23:21
one close LAT shot within a 100 meters can destroy the panther, i aimed for six seconds.

but sometimes takes two shots (when i don't aim properly or its too faraway)

the humvee and panther can hold 9 clips of magazine (rifleman ) (tested only with the respective guns M4 , L85A2)

humvee and panther can take 3 grenades .

for me seems to be the same...

2011-12-02, 13:15
Yes, there is something wrong with it's armor. I did a test - shot two full mags and dropped one granade under it, and the Panther was smoking badly.

2011-12-03, 21:26
Rudd;1701940']I've seen panthers go down at 1, 2 and 3 hits so far ingame, a reasonable survival against 1 is ok imo given that landrover goes down in 1.

And on the other side of that I can get killed inside of the Panther by 5.56 or 7.62 rifle fire. I don't know if that has anything to do with the windows though.

2011-12-05, 03:47
In my honest opinion, it's extremely easy to walk up to a panther in main, drop 3 grenades on it - watch it explode, then state it's under powered, but for balance' sake I think it's fine, there wont be many opportunities where as the opposing force you should have the chance to throw 3 grenades on that vehicle, and frankly if it's got that close, it deserves to go down. The last few patches I've seen the conventional forces get some huge buffs in terms of their arsenal, which yes fair enough it's realistic, they use this stuff, but when you're sat on flat insurgency maps getting peppered by APCs, LMGs and Panthers, with little space to move, and the now spoon fed intel on caches, it's just a drag for the insurgency, to give them the ability to take one out in a single direct RPG hit to me is fine, but as mentioned on occasion they can take 2, even 3 rounds, it gets a bit much, and to give them any more buffs I think will just slowly destroy these conventional vs unconventional fights, it will soon become a shooting gallery.

2011-12-05, 18:24
my point is : the armour resistance of the 50 cal humvee and panther are the same.

Now if the dev want it to be this way, then this feedback is invalid.

this humvee is not armored right ?


armored humvee