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2011-09-25, 01:28
Just watch what I do and You will win.

Find Matty1053

Then watch.

(Copy this from the Downloads folder to this...
Battlefield2>Profiles>Default>(Paste it)

If one isn't Kashan then the other will be.

We made a little fortress in our bunker at North Bunker, we defended it like we were at a last stand. I died once. Just no big deal. It was pretty funny cause we were the #1 Squad in the Game. Over 3,000 pts total for our squad.

This was in Tactical Gamer about 3:40 EST Sept. 24th on Kashan Desert. If you were playing then you might remember us, the squad that killed everyone xD

We took 2 loggies, Dropped 4 crates.

Made a FOB, HMG, Fox-Hole on roof (FAIL), AT in bunker (We never used it)

But with those 3 things you can survive. We were ambushed/Attacked about 8 times.
2 of them were just by 1-3 people. 6 of them were by about 4-5 people.

A tank was fireing on us, but our very quality CAS bombed him.

CAS had about 10-20 strikes on Targets we marked. We had one JDAM, it was a good place.

me and 2 others from my squad decided to move out to attack and clear every other bunker. We did then our team did a decent assault on the last bunker, then we won.

We used Mumble, unless we were very far away like resupplying the Loggie.

Overall a very good match,

Video 1:
demo1.bf2demo (http://www.mediafire.com/?aimm2cjgeftpttv)

Video 2:
demo0.bf2demo (http://www.mediafire.com/?i76ywubmrkjb493)

(I think Video 2 is the one because it is a larger file... but I don't know. But I know that one of them is a Falluja Gameplay!

2011-09-25, 14:29
Don't let this get you down but I doubt anyone is going to bother downloading it to watch a single match of people sitting in the same place the entire round (let alone a roulette since you don't know which one it is..)

If you want people to watch your marvelous exploits, record some the highlights and hit up youtube like so many other community members do. (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f112-pr-bf2-tales-front)

2011-09-25, 14:50
... I don't like youtube much. I uploaded a couple. But I want this in HD. How do I do that.

2011-09-25, 14:53
Use FRAPS to record in HD?

2011-09-26, 21:10
Fraps lag's my computer.

2011-09-26, 22:21
Then don't expect anyone to make the effort to watch an entire BR of you defending bunkers. Edited videos are more appealing.

Sorry for hijacking your thread.

2011-10-08, 18:03

How do you record in FP?