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2011-09-11, 16:42
I've noticed some changes were made (supposedly from 0.95 to 0.966) to the way large wheeled vehicles (BTR, BRDM, Stryker, LAV, Trucks etc) handled. A slight delay in the turning that has been mostly reverted with 0.97 being the major nuisance. While it's still having it's effects on some of the larger wheeled vehicles, the main issue I'd like to address here involves the Spandrel, the BRDM with the wire guided missile launcher on top.

What exactly is wrong with it? No, I'm not talking weapons wise. That's all working perfectly fine. The thing just handles like you're driving on ice without any profile in your tires. If you try to set it up for an ambush, you'd better be sure the ground you're on is 101% flat, otherwise you will just slide away.

I've tried operating the vehicle in several Militia maps since the introduction of 0.96, but wherever you go it seems to slide away. A list from worst to best:

1: Iron Ridge. Practically impossible to set up an ambush on a hill or anywhere in the woods. You're sliding so much you can't even get the turret to work after being 'stationary'. Your best chance is sitting on a road or in the riverbed, where the ground is flat. Needless to say, being in the open like that beats the purpose of an ambush.

2: Fools Road. Same as Iron Ridge. Setting up on a hill is not something you'd do for fun in your spare time. It feels like you're skiing down the slopes in an armoured car.

3: Dragon Fly. Not as many slopes to sit on, but it still happens if you can find a nice little spot to ambush from.

I wasn't too sure whether or not to report this as a bug, because I'm not 100% sure this is intentional or not (although I can't imagine it being so). Hence the post being in the feedback section.

I know I'm not the only one experiencing this, so shout out if you're troubled by this as well.

2011-09-11, 16:45
are you getting out of the driver position when stopped? most vehicles like it when you do that

2011-09-11, 16:55
All BRDMs do this iirc, and getting out of the driver seat on 14.5mm BRDM when doing quick hit and runs isn't a viable strategy. This needs to be fixed, they have almost no grip at all.

2011-09-11, 17:51
Rudd;1664376']are you getting out of the driver position when stopped? most vehicles like it when you do that

When I'm driving I usually do exit. Looking around with the binoculars works better than sitting in the second seat. My usual driver for when I'm gunning does also exit, yes.

2011-09-13, 16:50
Hate the long arming time.
I know it's realistic, but does it really have to be that long? It forces you to act as a deployable asset except the showeling part.
Please either decrease it or make it less sensitive, so it wont lock the gun up below 10% speed of the vehicle. That way slow and careful corrections will be possible, but rushing still won't.

OT: you can switch to the 3rd seat which still has a periscope view but will turn off the engine.
If it's a spandrel, you might as well get out and build a fortress around it :)

2011-09-15, 00:59
It should take like 5 seconds for the ATGMs to deploy, as it is it feels way too slow.

2011-09-15, 01:26
It should take like 5 seconds for the ATGMs to deploy, as it is it feels way too slow.

2011-09-15, 05:19
Here we're assuming that this is a representative ATGM carrier and is not an actual representation of the Spandrel :P

Either the deploy time can be long but stay deployed as long as you aren't going past a certain speed (walking pace), or the deploy time is shortened.

2011-09-15, 15:21
I think the set up time is quite all right. However that was not the intention of this thread. It was to address the sliding issues ;)

2011-09-15, 16:47
Can't it move around with the launchers already deployed?

2011-09-15, 18:22
However that was not the intention of this thread. It was to address the sliding issues ;)

Since the thread title doesn't mention that i figured all feedback about the spandrel should go here.
However i'm pretty sure your problem is a bug not a feature and mine should be a suggestion anyway, so let's hope we can pull this off without getting infractions for posting in the wrong place :)

2011-09-15, 20:08
Well, technically it is a feedback thread about the Spandrel :D

2011-10-24, 04:06
the Bradley missiles should be after 5 seconds ready and not until after 15-20 seconds after remain standing :roll:

2012-02-25, 19:57
why russians Spandrel can shoot when it's moving, but militia's can't?

2012-02-25, 20:44
Yes, I agree the vehicle does slide alot even when you get out. Impossible to park it on a hill, even if has a slight slope.

2012-02-26, 00:04
why russians Spandrel can shoot when it's moving, but militia's can't?

Because Russians are cool, while Militia isn't:wink:.

2012-02-26, 01:07
Ive noticed the Russian and Militia spandrels have different characteristics and I'm unsure of which but one has ungodly slow rocket speed, while the other will slide down the slightest hill. Something is off with this asset in both cases, I agree it could use a little more love.

2012-09-13, 01:05
I found this other video which unlike Zrix's shows the brdm-2 moving with it's rocket launcher up so i guess as soon as it stops it can fire. My suggestion is don't remove the wait time but decrease it cuz the time it takes to deploy is very risky and sevrely hinders tank busting capabilities when arriving to a hot zone. Also the extreme amounts of slipping on all brdm-2s is extremely annoying and even fatal on the spandrel

Watch this video for example: BRDM2SpandrellMovie2 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YEgxu0Tloc&feature=related)

2012-09-13, 17:13
That seems like restored one, that they are selling. For all we know the launcher doesn't even fold down anymore.

Not that I'd mind a shorter deploy time though, I used to love the Spandrel, but nowadays not so much.

2012-09-15, 06:04
Ya i agree it seems to be a restored one (tanks for sale) don't think an actual one would have a problem moving around with it's missile launcher deployed for practicality's sake. It'll have to stop i guess to fire but not wait half an hour for the launchers to deploy that will make it too vulnerable it is a shoot and scoot (which can't be done if you have to deploy the launchers, fire, then undeploy them with your position revealed) weapon not something to duke it out with a tank column. Just hope the devs will find a compromise

2012-09-22, 14:11

The thing this leaves me wondering is why we dont have those Btrs in PR with that cool grenade launcher, and Bigger faster cannon. To me it would make it sort of simmilar to a BMP but more suited as a IFV, right now its ok but it doesnt hold much ammo.