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2011-08-21, 15:16
With the release literally right around the corner, here's the updated map gallery for PR: BF2 v0.97.

Project Reality: BF2 v0.97 Map Image Gallery (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/097mapgallery/)

A new "feature" in this gallery compared to v0.96's is that in the detailed overview images, it now displays route data. While the detailed overviews are primarily used as a development tool and are not displayed anywhere ingame, it does display some slightly different information as compared to the normal map overviews.

Routes in PR: BF2 behave like the following. Take Yamalia AAS Std (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/097mapgallery/images/yamalia/aas64_helper.jpg)'s detailed overview for example. The game will choose first from one of the 3 coloured routes. Then, within the route, it will choose one flag in the "dotted" groups (the number of flags chosen is denoted by the 2nd digit in the flag ID). Once it has chosen one flag from each capture group, the flags are displayed, and you capture them in the order shown (as defined in the 1st digit in the flag ID).

However, this "dotted" group thing isn't just for random CP's. It also shows all the flags you have to capture in the group, as is commonly displayed in Co-Operative layers. So, it's all in the 2nd digit in the flag ID. If it's 0 or there is no 2nd digit, it will always show up in the map and will be in play. If it's 1, only 1 flag will be selected from the capture group. If it's 2, 2 flags, etc.

So to clarify:
1st digit = capture group/capture order
2nd digit = how many flags are randomly chosen from the capture group, if it's 0 or doesn't exist, it will always display
3rd digit = route, only one route is chosen at a time

Anyway, don't worry too much about the detailed overviews. They're primarily a developer tool used to create the map overviews, and track down issues. They're automatically generated, so they don't look very user friendly, and some detailed overviews like Shijia Valley's are just plain confusing :p. But they're in the gallery because I'm sure there's some people out there that will benefit from them in their strategy planning and whatnot.

So let us know what you think of the maps in v0.97 :)

2011-08-21, 15:36
From the little I could tell, it looks good... Not that I'm an expert :-P

2011-08-21, 15:54
I want Wanda Shan back! :(

=]H[= Apollo
2011-08-21, 16:11

2011-08-21, 16:52
Very nice !

2011-08-21, 17:07
Very Dtailed might help for Future Tournaments. Keep up the good work!

2011-08-21, 18:37
Automatically generated, huh... You crazy people with your batch files for everything...

2011-08-21, 19:59
It's a bit more than just a batch file ;).

2011-08-21, 20:57
These remind me how cool AASv4 is!

2011-08-21, 21:02
Am I mistaken or is the Taliban main moved on the Korengal?
Image (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/097mapgallery/images/korengal/insurgency64_helper.jpg) clearly suggests it.

2011-08-21, 21:14
Am I mistaken or is the Taliban main moved on the Korengal?
Image (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/097mapgallery/images/korengal/insurgency64_helper.jpg) clearly suggests it.


So we have Taliban main visible clearly from US main? :P

2011-08-21, 21:22
Note that flag positions do not define spawn positions ;).

2011-08-21, 21:41
I think the flag is hidden on that map, but the script picked it up :)

2011-08-21, 22:01
Yamalia needs more players :)
Is 128 player servers soon to come?

2011-08-21, 23:09
I miss Wanda Shan :cry:

2011-08-22, 01:57
Great Job!!Well done!!!!