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2011-08-17, 18:47
First off, being a commander is hard, not easy as it is...
Here are 5 BASIC tips, then 5 ADVANCED tips.
1.Get a Mic and use it.
2.Don't spam with stupid constant orders for squads.
3.Markers are supposed to be put where squad leaders say.
4.Don't put markers where KNOWN caches are... Just a complete waste.
5.Try not to fight.

1.Place the UAV in a good position, not RIGHT on top of a cache... Put it like 50 meters away from it.
2.Communicate frequently with squads. Last time I was playing on TG this commander didn't have a mic, and failed us.
3.Have waypoint's for squads. (OR OBJECTIVES)
4.Do not spam chat lines just because there are squads saying hostiles are near there.
5.Give orders out every 4 minutes unless a squad is ready.

Thanks for reading.

2011-08-20, 08:08
Placing a waypoint on a known cache is actually pretty good. It instantly gives you a name for that cache (ex. Bravo-cache) instead of something like "that cache to the right". Leave the waypoint and you know where caches have been previously. Those times I've commande they have rarely been where a cache has been previously. Thus you limit the areas you need to search.

2011-08-20, 13:35
From a Squad Leaders POV: Don't let someone else take over your command or undermine you. On NwA Basrah, I organized a full assault (http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/6615/bf22011081000354908.png) onto a palace-based cache with multiple inf squads including Smuke and I, a C2/Warrior group, along with a bridge element to ensure they got across. This was all whilst getting the team into one spot on the side of the map in order to talk on local mumble so everyone got the plan. We succeeded, however the commander who clearly had some semblance of PR knowledge just didn't make the effort to organize something and left it up to one of us to plan.

The commander is there to use squads as tools, whilst still taking in consideration their ideas, comments and abilities. A simplistic explanation is try your hardest and let other people contribute to the op, but ultimately let it remain yours.

2011-08-20, 16:32
Aren't these things you just mentioned obvious?

2011-08-21, 13:18
Aren't these things you just mentioned obvious?
They are, in fact the simple tips are common sense, and the advanced tips are pretty basic.

2011-09-25, 02:40
Still. I am just saying. This is for NEW people. And also for people that have NOT commanded.