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  1. [Weapon] Israeli Defence Forces Small Arms
  2. [Gameplay] Logistics
  3. [Vehicle] BMP-3 updates
  4. [Faction] Bundeswehr progress update
  5. [Map] Kozelsk
  6. [Changelog] PR v0.855 fifth test build
  7. [Map] Asad Khal
  8. [2D Graphic] PR Splashscreen
  9. [Changelog] PR v0.856 final build
  10. [Update] Project Reality v0.85 Feature List
  11. [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar
  12. [Vehicle / Weapon] WZ551A with QJC-88 12.7mm MG
  13. [Map] Sangin - Update
  14. [Menu] Auto Deploy
  15. [Map] Iron Ridge [WIP]
  16. [Map] Lashkar Valley [WIP]
  17. [Map] Dili - Timor [WIP]
  18. [Weapon] Sniper Rifle Animations
  19. [HUD] Limited kits on spawn menu
  20. [Changelog] Project Reality Patch v0.86
  21. [PRSP] What the hell is Navmeshing?
  22. [Map] Dragonfly [WIP]
  23. [Update] Hello World
  24. [Vehicle] Commander UAV
  25. Gameplay Insurgent and Taliban commander informants
  26. [Vehicle] British Army Supply/Transport Truck
  27. [Geometry] PSC Kit Geometries
  28. [Vehicle] Honda CB500 Four
  29. [Update] Things you come across while testing...
  30. [Map Vegetation] Jungle Fever!
  31. [Update] PR v0.87, v0.9 and BF2 1.5 patch
  32. [Weapon] Dragunov SVD
  33. [Update] Stay connected to the latest PR news
  34. [Weapon] Tavor Assault Rifle - 21st Century
  35. [Deployable Asset] Foxhole updates
  36. [Changelog] Project Reality v0.87 Changelog
  37. [HUD] Communication Rose Overhaul
  38. [Weapon] M21 SWS
  39. [Kits] French Forces Kit Geometries
  40. [Soldiers] IDF
  41. [Update] Project Reality v0.9 Teaser
  42. [Vehicles] IDF
  43. [Single-Player] 'Navmeshing' explained
  44. [Kits] Russian federation
  45. [Map] Uruzgan 4km, flyover in RNLAF Apache
  46. [Weapon] MG3
  47. [Statics] The ACVs (Armoured Command Vehicles)
  48. [Vehicles] AAVP7A1 and AAVC7A1
  49. [Weapon] Artillery Updates
  50. [Weapon] MG3 in Action
  51. [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)
  52. [Weapon] IWI Negev
  53. [Weapon] M14 EBR
  54. [Map] Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
  55. [Social] Become a Fan of PR on Facebook (special sneak peak)
  56. [Map] Lashkar Valley - Media Update #2
  57. [Weapons] M16A1s for IDF, Hamas and misc
  58. [Public Testing] Official rally point beta test has ended
  59. [Map] Silent Eagle
  60. [Map] Operation Snow Storm
  61. [Kits] U.S Army
  62. [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main
  63. [Kits] Russian Forces Desert Camouflage
  64. [Menu] Next maps in server rotation
  65. [Weapon] Deployable Anti-Tank
  66. [Maps] PR v0.9 Map Loading Backgrounds