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  1. Help Guide for Lag / Stuttering caused by memory
  2. Connection Problem Troubleshooting
  3. Punkbuster Error: MD5Tool Mismatch Troubleshooting
  4. I found a fix for the "memory .dll error" for vista 32 & 64 bit user's.
  5. Troubleshooting Guide: Your CD-key is not valid
  6. Problems with Punkbuster? Solutions here.
  7. Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR
  8. Crazy Lag
  9. Crash's to desktop after map change
  10. Mumble Voice Program in Project Reality
  11. Vista Another fix to try when having crash to desktop issues
  12. Project Reality v0.86 Installation Guide
  13. Frequently Asked Questions PR v0.86
  14. Problem Downloading the .NET 3.5 Framework?
  15. Pr.exe problems
  16. Vista 64 - "pr.exe stopped working" message
  17. Not able to use VoIP
  18. BSOD 4 times since .86 came out
  19. PunkBuster (kick) "disallowed program/Driver [128017]
  20. Vista Having trouble with our friend PB
  21. Crash to desktop when loading map is finished.
  22. Is there other way to find out a CTD cause ?
  23. XP Battle Recorder
  24. Client Patch corrupted level
  25. XP problem with PunkBuster
  26. XP Disconnecting!
  27. XP Video Memory?
  28. Screen flickering in PR
  29. Win 7 Crashing to desktop. I have read FAQ, but not really sure what it meant.
  30. Vista Need a Certain File
  31. Cant view any servers?
  32. XP Problem With Downloading .86 patch Help plz
  33. Vista ventrilo
  34. XP Dont Really Know Why I Need All The Downloads
  35. XP pr.exe problem
  36. crash to desktop
  37. XP Memory Patched BF2.exe does not load
  38. Vista Run PR with no disc
  39. XP uhhWTF- played for 2 weeks no problems-now PR. exe issue?
  40. XP Error when starting the game
  41. crashes to desktop
  42. PR .86 install error
  43. Vista PR won't install
  44. Vista enabling PB in 0.86
  45. planes lag
  46. XP Need Crosshairs
  47. Vista Unable to open installer!
  48. Vista PR freezing up lag
  49. Vista Disallowed Program driver
  50. XP PnkbstrB.exe heartbeats stopped, tried pretty much all fixes, no luck
  51. XP ShortCuts
  52. Shortcuts??
  53. XP crashing on windows xp. please help
  54. Vista Is there a server that dont use PB?
  55. Vista Spawnpoints Disappearing
  56. XP wont start
  57. not starting
  58. Vista Severe PR problems (going to damage hardware because of PR)
  59. Vista Punkbuster kicks me for "inadequent O/S privelages"
  60. Vista Level installation
  61. XP help with computer
  62. help please
  64. XP Cant get kits for training in training modes
  65. Vista Need help with bf2 editor
  66. XP Cant get needed kits in training map
  67. Vista battlefield 2 demo
  68. Vista Crashes to desktop as soon as I press multiplayer or singleplayer. Help
  69. Vista Crashing during gameplay
  70. Bf2 voip.. help!
  71. XP Double click and nothing
  72. Vista PR suddenly doesnt start anymore
  73. Vista something is wrong with textures
  74. Vista Random fps drops!
  75. Vista VOIP Problems
  76. Vista What the **** is wrong with PR?
  77. Vista Just got new PC!! Microphone issue
  78. XP Problem with installing new patch
  79. Vista Player ID (PID Help)
  80. Vista Inadequete O/S privleges PB
  81. Vista does outdated video drivers cause a PB kick?
  82. XP Removing the intro movies
  83. XP VOIP Problem in the Opposite Direction
  84. XP Log in problem
  85. Vista Can't edit my keybindings..
  86. PR bandwidth usage
  87. Vista More than 2go RAM
  88. XP PR Dies
  89. XP pr.exe error(this is not related with bf1.5 patch)
  90. XP Mumble Crashes When Joining Server
  91. XP 1.41 patch problem
  92. XP long loading times (10-15 min.)
  93. Vista Huge spikes in Ping
  94. XP .86 blue screen crash upon quitting
  95. XP Stupid Crashes.... Need Help
  96. XP VOIP randomly stopped working in-game
  97. Mumble Crashes When Joining Server
  98. Vista Where to install pr levels?
  99. Other OS Mumble forum section?
  100. Problems with starting PR
  101. Vista Fixed! unknown windows api function kick
  102. Vista PR will not load or has PR.exe error
  103. Vista No Servers Showing, Crashes when clicking on favourites!
  104. Vista Windows Vista 64 - Levels Installation
  105. Trouble Installing/Running PR (net framework)
  106. XP help with patching!
  107. Win 7 WIN 7 PUNK BUSTER?
  108. Vista crash high settings
  109. XP Lag Troubles while playing
  110. Help my mumble!
  111. XP .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 ERROR: msxml 6.0 parser installation trouble
  112. Vista Project Reality Crash To Desktop 0.86 NEED HELP PLEASE
  113. XP PunkBuster Kicking Spree
  114. XP Help! Can't Get PR To Work, Properly!.
  115. Vista Switch on PC launches BF2 install everytime
  116. XP punkbuster help, its not in the guide!
  117. XP Where can i download Dutch Manual?
  118. Win 7 Can't install .86 Levels
  119. 0.86 multiplayer problems
  120. Vista Frame Rate Issues / PR.86
  121. XP Moderate NAT Question
  122. Vista PR .86/PRSP .85 CTD at 14% Load
  123. Vista PRSP lan problem
  124. Other OS Can you see the license key on the bf2 cd's
  125. XP VOIP Disabling itself?
  126. Vista and Mumble
  127. Vista PR problems
  128. Vista Some keys don't work in PR
  129. XP PR Level files
  130. XP PB Problem
  131. Vista VOIP fix
  132. XP I can't open PR
  133. Vista Servers
  134. XP Help yet again :[ (Multiple Problems.)
  135. XP Is there STILL no solid fix for the Net Frame installation error?
  136. XP levels installer bug says no core 0.86
  137. XP PR Black Screen
  138. Vista some help pls
  139. Vista A new one for you guys...
  140. XP i had update, but he said not yet!WHY?
  141. Need help with a trojan
  142. XP VOIP not working
  143. XP Installation issue
  144. XP Port Forwarding
  145. Vista Graphics question.
  146. Vista PR Loading Problem
  147. Vista BF2 and Radeon HD4870X2
  148. XP Server Licence
  149. XP You Have GOT to be kidding me!!! HELP
  150. Vista maps not available?
  151. Linux Voip Wont Work On My PR Server
  152. XP Unreasonable Online Lag and Frame Rates
  153. XP Cant see anything
  154. XP Black and White screen not showing...
  155. XP ctd when using mumble
  156. XP Crash after splash screen
  157. XP cd-key ?
  158. XP black screen after spash screen
  159. Vista Crash to desktop, Tried EVERYTHING.
  160. XP can some1 plz help me?
  161. CTD Help
  162. XP blue Screen of death after start up
  163. XP Yet another problem with PR crashing to desktop
  164. Vista BF2 Patches
  165. XP joystick profile location
  166. XP Punkbuster kick-.-
  167. Vista PB kick
  168. Vista New Computer But PR Keeps Falling To Home Screen
  169. Vista Configuring Headset for VOIP
  170. mic shows good but can not communicate and editing joystick profile
  171. XP CTD
  172. Vista Mysterious lagg problem (Oh no!)
  173. XP Another quick prob with my game crashing...
  174. XP WIDESCREEN CTD problem
  175. Vista Many problems with PR
  176. XP need help with PR
  177. XP Fix your forums folks!
  178. Vista Installed PR, Get CTD after 7 Minutes of playing, Started back up and got CD-Key prob
  179. XP How to diagnose CTD error
  180. XP Look here if your VOIP dosn't work Ingame
  181. Reality Mod Crashes to Desktop
  182. Vista CD-KEY is not valid
  183. Vista Crash after loading map
  184. XP PunkbusterB.exe problem
  185. XP CTD after 5 to 10 Minutes
  186. Vista BF2 Editor crash on load map
  187. Vista Some issues with my P.R
  188. Win 7 "pr.exe has stopped working"
  189. XP Can not get Voip to work with microphone with any program
  190. Vista PR ctd after it loads map
  191. XP Uninstall/Reinstall Reminder don't forget to..
  192. XP error installing levels
  193. Vista downloading problem
  194. Vista Connection to Servers
  195. Win 7 [QUESTION] 0868 Patch to 0860
  196. XP I think I found info on the CTD but I need help
  197. Win 7 Cannot get surround sound! HELP!
  198. XP Problem still not fixed
  199. XP Can't play PR more then once without restarting
  200. Win 7 Patch Install Error
  201. XP v0.86 core installer wont start
  202. XP Found another fix for the Punkbuster problems
  203. Win 7 PR ctd 5-10 minutes into game
  204. XP Problem Installing Maps
  205. Vista Levels instalation.
  206. Vista help ???
  207. XP PC locks up on Fallujah West
  208. XP Pr does not start
  209. XP Mic Problem...
  210. Other OS PR and Mac?
  211. XP PR.exe. wont start for some unknown reason
  212. XP Individual Map Downloads?
  213. XP What graphics cards will play pr on high?
  214. XP question
  215. Vista StaticMesh.fx(2) error X1507: Failed to open source files 'mods/xpack/shaders/datatyp
  216. Win 7 windows 7 and vista 64 bits
  217. Vista I cannot launch PR
  218. XP accidental format...recovering pr
  219. XP Mumble Error
  220. Vista EXTREME Lag, slow gameplay.
  221. Vista Mic problem
  222. XP CTD After loading map.
  223. Closes the game at server map change
  224. Vista Mumble voice does not work
  225. Win 7 Black screen crash
  226. Linux Mumble?
  227. XP Disconnecting/PB kick breaking VOIP
  228. Vista cant install
  229. Vista my CD key not valid?!
  230. Vista I hear everyone on mumble
  231. XP says i need 0.85 to install
  232. XP Error after closing game.
  233. Vista Bf 2 original shows as version 1.1.265?
  234. XP Installing problem
  235. Win 7 QuakeCon 2009 PR Lan Server using Client software?
  236. Vista 6000 Second Spawn Time
  237. Vista Disabling version check
  238. XP strange PR exe. problem
  239. Vista Help with lag Please!!
  240. Vista Splash screen? crash screen
  241. XP Connection Lost after map change
  242. Vista Punkbuster MD5Tool Mismatch Error and Level Setup Issue
  243. XP CD key registry
  244. Vista StaticMesh.fx error
  245. Vista PR kicking issue
  246. Vista CTD when loading
  247. Vista Retro Map Crash
  248. Vista Help?
  249. Vista Blue Screen of Death! Need Help
  250. Vista No packet flow (PB KICK)