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  1. [AAR] Medic on HOG 24/7 Muttrah
  2. [AAR] Happy moments from PRTA - Yamalia - 12-03-11
  3. [Video] Curry's Gameplay
  4. [Video] Massive Insurgent Convoy Attack
  5. [Video] THUNDERSTRUCK (helicopter video compilation)
  6. [AAR] Personal AARs
  7. [AAR] The Teamwork Squad with 3 Different SLs
  8. [Video] Cobra win
  9. [Video] Escape and Pwn.
  10. [AAR] NWA Server, Dragon fly, 6th April 2011
  11. [Video] killhouse
  12. [Video] Project Reality Magic Bullet Looks (Video FX #2)
  13. [Video] Some old videos i found on my hard drive
  14. [Video] Good times in the Spandrel!
  15. [AAR] Today's lulz on Beirut
  16. [AAR] Operation Barracuda, April 18th, 128 Players
  17. [AAR] Lashkar Valley, ]TAR[ Texas, 19APR2011, 1am EST
  18. [Video] No Sex Infantry
  19. [Video] Breaking the limit 205 players
  20. [Video] from the Test Server
  21. [Video] Never Let A Dutchman Drive!
  22. [Video] PR - Firepower
  23. [Video] "CONTACT!" --BOOM! Have this ever happened to you?
  24. [Video] PR ALL-IN
  25. [Video] Don't F*** with the HAT guy...
  26. [Video] Hey do you remember...
  27. [AAR] TG on TAR or "I love mumble"
  28. [Video] Critque my SL session
  29. [Video] My new video
  30. [AAR] My best PR moment so far!
  31. [List] Your Sniper Tales and Fails
  32. [Video] Mac$Dre[1986]'s Video page
  33. [Video] Wild Fallujah West (NwA Server)
  34. [Video] A not so friendly game of Hide and Seek on Yamalia
  35. [List] Describe Your "Tactical Style"
  36. [AAR] Not so great start to my PR Career...
  37. [Video] The Glitched FO
  38. [Video] Some funny moments
  39. [Video] Tank Pwng!
  40. [Video] Kozelsk - Militia Armour!
  41. [Video] Me and L4gi chopper rescue
  42. [Video] Who failed in this video?
  43. [Video] Ramiel Cache Hunters
  44. [AAR] My first taste of SL
  45. [Video] SpeedHound and the Chopper
  46. [Video] Cache Slu*s
  47. [AAR] SPG-9 awesomeness on the 128 server
  48. [AAR] Just straight up beasting, Dutch Style!
  49. [Video] PR Experimental Weapons (AKA me testing out FRAPS)
  50. [AAR] Kamikaze teamkill
  51. [Video] COTW - Who uses aim9s ?
  52. [List] PR Ambushers Recommendation Thread
  53. [List] Tell me your retard-teammates experiences!
  54. [AAR] Vanilla BF2 Players FTW (FTL actually)
  55. [Video] CIA Al Brorah
  56. [AAR] Best PR night in a while
  57. [Video] 4 Unknowns in 7 minutes
  58. [AAR] You ever have one of those moments?
  59. [List] PR Memes!!!
  60. [List] What the FOB?
  61. [AAR] Taliban spec ops
  62. [AAR] Frogfoot in the sky
  63. [List] What the hell just happened moments
  64. [AAR] Longest Game Of Jabal EVER (June 18th/17th :P)
  65. [AAR] A Night With A Dev
  66. [Video] Insurgent bomb convoy - glorious success
  67. [AAR] The successful but completely unintentional flank...
  68. [AAR] From Muttrah, Iron Ridge to Ramiel!
  69. [AAR] No man's street.
  70. [AAR] First time in Gary
  71. [List] Warrior Medic
  72. [AAR] 2 man army
  73. [Video] CAS Vid
  74. [AAR] 25vs25 PCW on Barracuda
  75. [AAR] The human bait
  76. [Video] Dtac's Squad!
  77. [Video] Jabal Pool Party!!!
  78. [Video] Altar of CAS
  79. [Video] Dragon Fly Tank Hunter - Did you get him?
  80. [Video] Wicca Wubediwacky - Friday
  81. [AAR] Just Me and Ramiel (Part 1 of 3)
  82. [AAR] WTF? "APC still up..."
  83. [Video] WATCH OUT! FAIL! WTH! LOL!!!
  84. [Video] I'm the best around
  85. [AAR] First round of Dragon Fly as insurgent. (wall of text)
  86. [Video] The First few hours of PR .96
  87. [Video] A whole hour of awesome 0.966! - Operation Improvisation
  88. [Video] Wingmen Lovin F16
  89. [Video] MeKillHatch's PR videos MEGATHREAD
  90. [Video] Evading the Eurofighter
  91. [List] The sexiest PR weapon
  92. MAP : AL BASRAH? SERVER: PRTA server. SIDE : British DATE : 24 JULY
  93. [Video] Some sniping
  94. [Video] Fox_J21's PR Video Thread (of awesomness)
  95. Some Gameplays videos
  96. [Video] Task Force Raven, serious gameplay and plain retardation
  97. [List] the most awesome firefights in PR
  98. [List] Can you beat it???? Most epic kill streaks ever
  99. [Video] So I've been making a bunch of videos
  100. [List] The Epic FOB Thread
  101. [Video] The Best Briefing EVER. LOL!
  102. [Video] The funniest PR video I've seen - "Careful, WIRE!"
  103. [Video] "Operation Faillord" or "Misguided Archer"
  104. [Video] Swear-Athon
  105. [AAR] 2 man cache machine
  106. [AAR] Phail photos
  107. [Video] 0966 - AT Tr0llz
  108. [Video] Project Reality v0.966 - Climbing Mt. Archer
  109. [Video] Check out this SPG-9
  110. [Video] crazy strker flip
  111. [Video] VW mode. Armored Blitz
  112. [Video] Karbala Killstreak 83-0
  113. [Video] Canadian Forces In Heavy Firefight In Afghanistan
  114. [AAR] I got killed by an enemy CR2
  115. [Video] Sniper scene (Quality Test) new project.
  116. [AAR] Scout Kiowa/gazelle with mortar squad
  117. [AAR] Something wrong with the British APC
  118. [Video] Brosurgency [NSFW Lang.]
  119. [Video] Ralfi's Alley- Civilian Party et al
  120. [Video] EGO SHOOTER - by K4on (1080p)
  121. [Video] Operation Devil's Fury. 508th Clan Scrim
  122. [List] If you had to showcase PR in 5 youtube video links
  123. [Video] Another epic PR wtf moment
  124. [Video] Project Reality 0.97 - Car Service
  125. [Video] PR 0.96 was the buggiest release yet
  126. [Video] Organized Chaos!!
  127. [Video] Danger Close is an Understatement
  128. [Video] Epic 126 Player Tunnel Complex Battle
  129. [Video] Kiowa frag movie
  130. [Screenshot] Infantry gets stuff done!
  131. [Video] Im rick James b*tch
  132. [Video] Best Op.Archer round ever as Canadian infantry
  133. [Video] RPG vs Kiowa
  134. [Video] Eurocopter hunting
  135. [Video] Mumble House Party Turns Into Life or Death Situation
  136. [Video] Very Dramatic Video
  137. [AAR] Best round in map Larshkar Valley!
  138. [Video] Face Tracking in PR
  139. [Video] Jihad against american intruders at Fallujah West
  140. [Video] Emergency landing, how often does that happen?
  141. [Screenshot] A perfect Insurgent FOB/dogbox.
  142. [Video] pr moments
  143. [Video] Messing with APC Angry squad
  144. [Video] How to deal with a Huey, like a baws
  145. [Video] Dont underestimate the LAT
  146. [Video] Canoe of PR
  147. [Video] Tacticool, kokan as the Taliban
  148. [Video] I love that sound!
  149. [Video] fools Road singing
  150. [Video] TG vs. OD-S
  151. [AAR] A way to use civilians
  152. [Video] Extreme Chinook
  153. [Video] DanielNL's short epic fail-scene
  154. [Video] MEC Medic In The Desert
  155. [Video] Project Reality - |TGXV|
  156. [AAR] Epic Kashan Round
  157. [Video] Project Reality v0.973 - Al Basrah Sniper Team
  158. [Screenshot] A job well done.
  159. [Video] XIII Engages 26th MEU in Karbala
  160. [AAR] Challenger 2 Squad engaging Heavy MEC Armour
  161. [Video] Some Burning Sands CQC
  162. [Video] Lashkar Huey owned by PZF-3
  163. [Video] Operation Archer - The Great Climb
  164. [Video] Project Normandy (Closed Beta Test) Community Event
  165. [Video/AAR] Scenario/Zombie event
  166. [AAR] Insurance Evidence - Muttrah Taxi
  167. [Video] Fail Huey landing on Muttrah (NwA)
  168. [Video] Wicca's Wacky Games
  169. [Video] Bluedrake42's Gameplay
  170. [VIDEO] PR:BF2 A Touch of Allah (snackbar)
  171. [AAR] Exiled's Infantry squad leading - Ramiel
  172. [Video] XIII Engages American's in Al-Fallujah w/Artillary IED
  173. [Video] Operation Steel Thunder
  174. [Video] Muttrah Trouble
  175. [AAR] Gaza Beach
  176. [List] You know you've got a good pilot when...
  177. [Video] [NPK] Amper laugh :D
  178. [Video] Random stuff from PR
  179. [Video] 101 Ways to Die in PR
  180. [AAR] Epic FOB
  181. [Video] Civi vs Sniper
  182. [Video] Project Normandy! Storming the beach!
  183. [Video] The Good, the Bad & the Civi
  184. [Video] Project Normandy - Leeroy Jenkins the Control Center
  185. [Video] Project Normandy Beach Assaults
  186. [Video] Dont smoke Pr LOL
  187. [Video] Closest game ever
  188. [Video] "Oh crap" moment in Burning sands
  189. [AAR] ROE? Sometimes screw the rules
  190. [AAR] Havok Is "Down"
  191. [AAR] I hate being a terrible player
  192. [Video] Sniper Tag Team
  193. [Video] Op.Archer CAS
  194. [Video] Failing on Operation Ghost Train
  195. [Videos]Fun time in Pavlovsk Bay
  196. [Video] F***ing Thermals
  197. [Video] Once upon a time on *NwA*
  198. [AAR] Epic Win
  199. [AAR] Special squad
  200. [Video] PRTA vs. 3DAC
  201. [Video] That boat over there!!
  202. [AAR] Have you ever been this high?
  203. [Video] Operation Marlin Squad Gameplay
  204. [Video] British 25mm auto-cannon vs Taliban
  205. [Video] Adventures of Loki and Slorg (Pony Squad)
  206. [Video] RPG Blind Fire
  207. [Video] [AIR] CAS video trailer
  208. [video] French pilot gets some
  209. [Video] Pr RAVE PARTY
  210. [AAR] Epic Defense?
  211. [Video] Derp Squad
  212. [AAR] So I found a grappling hook leading to a tall building...
  213. [List] PR Tales silly achievement thread
  214. [AAR] 128 server, Burning sands and Fools Road
  215. [Video] Humping Humvee
  216. [AAR] my cell's epic last stand
  217. [Video] Dat HAT
  218. [Video] Trans Heli hunting enemy CAS Heli
  219. [Video] Battlefield 4
  220. [Video] Anders Sound Mod on Kashan
  221. [Video] The Daily Derp
  222. [Video] Stop to Admire Spinning Bodies - Get Shot
  223. [Video] [NO]Smooth 3 video
  224. [Video] Death from above!
  225. [Video] Chinook Owned By Arty IED
  226. [Video] Made a movie about blowing stuff up
  227. [AAR] AAVP_mobile Mortar system
  228. [Video] Djakbob's IED
  229. [Video] Karambiatos' Trailer Test
  230. [Video] PRTA on YouTube & LiveStream!
  231. [Video] Funniest Project Reality Fail
  232. [Video] U.S. Beachlanding: Omaha Beach - D-Day Invasion 1944 - by K4on [PR 0.97]
  233. [Video] Ambush in Mestia
  234. [Video] Bunker Defence in Mestia
  236. [AAR] Don't see that Everyday
  237. [AAR] Earthquake in Switzerland
  238. [Video] The final caches A close insurgency win
  239. [AAR] Hidding Spot
  240. [Video] Grober's videos
  241. [AAR] I just had fun without firing a single shot
  242. [Video] Close Air Support clip with AH-64 helicopter
  243. [Video] [NO]Smooth's videos
  244. [Video] Operation Barracuda full round
  245. [Video] Tittles, The Disobedient Specialist (Funny)
  246. [Video] NWA #1 20120219 from SenSei
  247. [Video] DNA9881's Youtube Channel (xDNAx28)
  248. [Video] Rezza's Youtube Channel!
  249. [Video] [QRF] on Youtube
  250. [Video] Why Project Reality?