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Project Reality 2 will be a free to play multiplayer game, based off of the critically acclaimed Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. PR2 will be a complete standalone game, which will require no retail game to play.

Project Reality 2 is being developed and created from scratch, using Crytek's next generation game engine, CryEngine 3 SDK. It will provide the development team the tools to be able to create many stunning features to help recreate and improve upon what you as Project Reality players have been accustomed to for the past 8 years. The PR2 team is aiming to create the most realistic, immersive, and demanding shooter within a virtual combat environment.

Listed below is a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions that are commonly posed to the PR Team:

(1) What is PR2? What will set it apart from other indie titles? - PR2 will be a tactical team based combined arms first person shooter. The same thing will set it apart from other titles that have always set PR apart ... the focus on cooperation and team based strategy and an attention to realistic military detail.

(2) Will PR2 be free, or if not, what is the business model? (Will there be a Kickstarter campaign?) - The idea is for PR2 to be free; however this may change in the light of circumstance or unavoidable realities. A Kickstarter campaign is certainly not ruled out, but it would require a great deal of thought and planning and would not be entered into lightly. At the end of the day, delivering a high quality product is the ultimate aim, however that is achieved.

(3) Will PR2 try to emulate the gameplay of PR:BF2, or will an entirely new style of gameplay be developed? What'll be the main differences between PR2 and PR? - Yes PR2 will be emulating the gameplay of PR:BF2 (and PR:Arma2/3). It's a tried and tested formula that people enjoy (and it wouldn't be PR if we just made up something else). The main differences between PR and PR2 will be the ability to implement functionality that simply wasn't possible with modding hard coded engines and the focus on next generation graphics that CE3 brings.

(4) Will PR2 be released in phases with content and features added as time goes by or will the first iteration or release will be complete (updates notwithstanding)? - It will most definitely be released in phases. Successive iterations, with small alpha or beta releases so that gameplay and functionality can be tested in a proper environment. That is why, certainly for a long time in the beginning, we intend it to be free.

(5) Which factions and gameplay elements will be included in the first playable version? What is the scope of the project? - We don't really want to go into saying what will be first, or what will be included, since past experience (in BF2 and Arma mods) has shown that you cannot always deliver what you promise when working on a free project. Suffice to say we will be looking to implement most of the world's major military forces, and as always we will be drawing on current conflicts to stage our theatre of battle in. Small steps at first of course.

(6) Will there be (eventually) CO-OP and SP modes? - There is no real intention for this. It may happen down the line, but there are no promises. PR's focus has always been on team based PvP ... and that is most certainly all we will be focusing on at the start. But we won't rule SP out.

(7) How many players will be supported? - Since the player cap got lifted from the CE3 SDK, the answer is "as many as possible". However a real limit in terms of a functional result is something we have yet to ascertain.

(8) Will there be positional VoIP, will Mumble be integrated? - Positional VOIP most definitely. Although we haven't looked at this yet, an external 3rd party solution would be the last choice and only turned to if it was impossible to do in the CE3 engine as it stands. There is no need to add extra layers of complexity to something just for the sake of it.

(9) Who is the PR2 team? Are the PR2 Devs the same R-DEVs known from PR:BF2 or PR:ArmA3? - Some are RDEVs from the mod team, some aren't. It's a mix up of different backgrounds. In the main though, most of the devs all have an enthusiasm for playing PR (or are encouraged to develop such enthusiasm !)

(10) Will PR2 be a PC-only title? - Yes. Certainly for the foreseeable future. For it to be otherwise would most definitely mean it would have to be a commercial game.

(11) How can I contribute? Is there a way to help out? - People who have (good) modeling skills and CE3 experience are definitely wanted. As are good coders with C++ and Lua experience, and if not experienced with working with CE3 ... have experience with large code bases. They need only contact [R-DEV]Twisted Helix or Foxhound. We do expect to see portfolios or examples of previous work though.

(12) Where will I learn about future developments? Will PR2 have a forum or website, or be part of - Things are still a long way off even the beginning being completed, but we intend to start a blog showing current development on the main realitymod forums. Eventually PR2 will have its own website (it does have its own forum for development already). We also have an IndieDB page as well as a Facebook page, these can be viewed here: