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Default Proper Communication for Players

By practicing proper communication while on the battlefield, not only do you better your chances to receive proper support in a timely manner, it also cuts down on massive amounts of traffic on the net, making it easier to understand orders and complete the mission.

1.Communication within Squads
a. Positive ID on potential threats

When operating in a danger area, your soldiers will be constantly scanning the outlying areas for any potential targets. In order to effectively analyze a situation, proper communication is extremely important. Not only should your soldiers scan for targets, but at the same time, provide proper identification on these potential targets. This is more important in certain maps than others, where civilians are present on the battlefield. ALWAYS ENSURE POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION ON TARGETS PRIOR TO ENGAGING.
b. Reporting Potential Targets
When reporting potential targets or threats the soldier has only but a few seconds to Identify the threat, direction, and distance. An example of this would be: (2 Personnel, 1 o'clock, 100 meters). This type of report is when friendly forces are in the immediate kill zone of this potential threat.This format is not so much of a "shoot here" type of report, it is more of a "get down fire coming in from this general area". Another, more detailed report would be: (2 Personnel/1RPG,1Rifle, 15 North/Northeast, 100 meters). This format of the report will be used when not in the immediate kill zone of the enemy and will act as a more accurate means of engaging a target rather than just simply seeking cover to avoid fire from a very generalized area as discussed before. These formats can be used for anything ranging from enemy personnel, to possible ambush and IED locations.
c. Reporting Contact
When reporting contact that has been established with an enemy force, keep in mind that in order to be properly reinforced or understood, reporting contact must be simple and to the point. If while moving along a route and you come under fire from an enemy, you will seek cover and report your current position, possible enemy strength, and weapons being used by enemy forces. An example of this type of report would be: (Contact: E5 Keypad 4, 2-4 enemy personnel, RPG's and automatic rifles, Over) This information will prove vital to your reinforcements due to the fact that this will allow them to analyze the situation and provide orders to either hold and fight or break contact. The same format will be used when reporting IED's while enroute to an objective.

2. Communication: Squad Leader and Commander
a. Squad Leader SALUTE REPORTS

A S.A.L.U.T.E Report is a very generalized report valuable to mark enemy positions, strength and activities so that once spotted by a squad, can then be relayed up the chain of command to the commander in a format that will allow him/her to analyze the situation and adapt accordingly. A S.A.L.U.T.E report should consist of

S-size (How many personnel?)
A-activity (What are they doing? Where are they moving?)
L-location (provide accurate coordinates)
U-unit (what type of unit? Armor? Air? Infantry?)
T-time (When did you spot it? NOT REALLY NECESSARY, unless requested by Commander)
E-equipment (What weapons, or vehicles are they using?)

This report will allow the commander to divert forces to an area if an enemy advance is spotted, or the setup of an ambush would be vital to success. Instead of hearing several different reports on troop locations, the commander will receive a single simplified report which will allow him to react much faster than heavy communication traffic would.

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Default Re: Proper Communication for Players

We have had most of this covered in a previos thread a -long- time ago, feel free to post your suggestions here..

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