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Old 07-09-2006, 08:45 PM   #21

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Originally Posted by Shining Arcanine
Perhaps a 10 second kit pickup delay should be introduced, with a status bar to show progress and the inability to use any weapons until it has completed.
The times for the weapon to be visible before it disappears is already short, so the 10 sec wouldn't be very good. Why can't it be left alone? This is starting to sacrifice gameplay for realism.

And snipers learn how to use regular weapons in bootcamp and MCT/SOI, so they can pick up a regular weapon and be just as good with it. The shock paddles and medicing is another thing, but how far do you wanna take that to until it is too complicated for the game? Already limited medicing to 6 along with the bug delay.

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Old 07-09-2006, 11:15 PM   #22

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And snipers learn how to use regular weapons in bootcamp
But do medic know how to use sniper rifle in bootcamp? I guess not.
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