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26 Jan 2015, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality 2 game.

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Default Project Reality 2 FAQ


Which Game Engine is being used for PR2?
CRYENGINE formerly known as CryENGINE 3 by Crytek

What about Oculus Rift support or TrackIR?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"TrackIR or Oculus Rift is not really something we have looked at. I don't think it's integral for any sim. My experiences with the Rift and TrackIR is really off putting. And I know others have thought the same."

What is the maximum map size?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Maps are reportedly to go 256x256 to 256km^2"

Will there be helicopters in PR2?
Spush-"We're not there yet. We're currently working on the infantry aspects right now, that and trying to get a basis for a blufor and opfor faction."

Can you make sweet love to the DEV's? -Bluedrake42
Doc.Pock-"My anus is prepared."

How many players in CE3?
Doc.Pock-"I did a private test and generated instances to connect to a server and got to 256p stable."

How will gameplay be?
Doc.Pock-"The gameplay will be implemented with both realism and fun factor in mind. So yes while it will he an improvement over bf2 you will still like it."

First steps with PR2
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Our first step for the development is to create the .1 version, which will be an internal alpha, this will essentially be the foundation for PR2. Will this be available to the public at any stage? This will really depend on how well the test goes and if its worth releasing publicly."

How complicated will the control system be?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"We don't intend to make the control system complicated and will more than likely stay the same as what it is today."

Will you add more factions than what's in PR:BF2?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Well to be honest, our focus really isn't on the "Future" factions, but getting our primary ones out first are our first priority, however saying that I wouldn't rule it out including factions that aren't in the PR:BF2."

Will there be Singleplayer?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"At the moment there are no plans for a dedicated Singleplayer. However we wont rule it out."

Will PR2 have official 24hr servers?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Official 24hr servers for PR2 will be something that we look at later down the track."

Bullet penetration and wind simulation?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Bullet penetration will be in the game, and will be reflected accordingly. Wind will be interesting to see, but like a lot of the "features" we hope to include, as long as it doesn't effect the overall quality of the game and gameplay then we will try to incorporate it. Some form of bullet deprivation will be in the game though."

[R-DEV]Foxhound-"With the new abilities of the free SDK we are currently reviewing the best way to accomplish destruction for PR, and we hope to have an answer which will provide us insight which way to proceed for it."

What sound effects will be used?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"PR2 will be aiming at using completely new sounds for this project, Our sounding department has a lot of high quality dudes in there and I'm sure will produce some high quality stuff for it."

[R-DEV]Foxhound-"hahah I've seen this question come up so many times. We will look into it."

Weapons customization?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"PR2 will have weapon customizations, how we implement it, well this is currently be looked into, and we have some cool ways that we would like to do it."

Fire implementation
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"In all honesty, we haven't really looked into this. But there's no reason why we cannot experiment with it."

Character customization
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Different armor vests will be available in the later versions, we would like to have something where players can customize their "Character" in a military fashion like changing things like "Vests" to more smaller lightweight ones which will allow your player to move faster but is less protective from certain ammunition, that you would be protected by, This is something we are looking into tho, and is not set in stone that this how it will be. Character customizations are in for sure."

Will I have to pay for anything?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Project Reality 2 will be Free to play, meaning you download the version of the game and play it. There will be no "Pay to Win" scenarios here."

Will there be a new medic system?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"A medic system and wound system is currently been discussed, like locational injuries etc."

Will PR2 appear on Steam as a Greenlight game?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Steam now has Greenlight, PR2 could be placed on there as a Free Game, which would help to keep players games up to date etc, But this is something we will look into down the track."

I want to donate money to PR. Where can I do that?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"If you guys want to donate money to PR, donate to the operations of PR and get more official dedicated servers for PR:BF2 so that everyone can get the chance to experience how awesome this game is."

To donate, go here- Project Reality Forums - Donation User Agreement

Can you move dead/wounded bodies?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"We are defiantly looking at incorporating this, as well as carrying wounded team mates."

Will there be a cover system?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"To be honest, As a player of both PR and RO2, i much perfer the ability to give the player control over his cover, So that means that he is completely aware of where the cover is. But we are looking at creating our own system, we will just have to wait and see."

How many PR2 DEV's are there?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"currently we have 50+ people in the Skype chat."

Are there going to be sights you can set the range to?
[R-CON]Psyrus-"That's probably a 0.5ish kinda thing to start worrying about."

Will there be AI Civilians?
[R-DEV]Twisted Helix-"Yes, the AI control in CE3 is quite extensive. You have smart objects as well. One of the things we may be thinking of using it for ... down the line ... is for civilians in insurgency modes. Bringing in a whole new dynamic with ROE and ability for insurgents to hide in the crowd."

System requirements?
[R-DEV]Twisted Helix-"Whatever it takes to run CryEngine smoothly. There are plenty of indications about that on the internet, and by the time we release PR2... who knows."

Will there be a Commander?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"I myself have been looking at a way that we can improve / make our commander system more interactive for the players that are playing this role. So far we are pretty happy with it, but it wont be implemented for a while."

Day/night cycles?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"This can be easily implemented with the TOD (Time of Day) system."

Destructible doors/windows?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Well we will look at things like "Breaching" doors etc, But it will have to add something to the game and not just a novelty feature you know."

Will there be gore?
[R-DEV]Foxhound-"Right now no features have been planned, nor are we going for "Gimmicky" screenshots."

Quotes have been edited for grammar and punctuation.

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