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17 Jan 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 11-12-2008, 07:31 AM   #151

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Default Re: Stamina/Sprint changes - Feedback


Currently there is not enough sprint to get to cover if you get caught in the open. For example, on Muttrah City, you run out of sprint just crossing between buildings in the dock district. If you are 3/4 of the way across (and your squad is properly covering your ass) when you hear an APC coming you want to run back to cover with your mates, too bad, you're walking.

When I was a US Marine, all of us were able to run an 7-8 minute mile (some under 6 min on a 3 mile run) any day of the week (8-10 with gear on), but you cannot run more than 200 yards at a time in this game. Top it off, the jump kills the sprint too, so the other day my squad was trying to jump a wall in the city, we were "exhausted" from trying to jump (couldn't find the sweet spot to make the wall) when on RPK gunner spots us, suppresses us with his fire so we couldn't see him, and proceeds to pick us apart since none of us could run or jump over the wall.

I think a compromise can be reached, for the sake of game play we can't be allowed to run across the map (even though a 2km run in full gear would be completely realistic for a Marine to complete in 12-18 minutes) but sprint time needs to be increased so that in urban situations you can actually sprint to cover and double back if required.

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Mj Pain
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Default Re: Stamina/Sprint changes - Feedback

I think the devs are on point.
Cooper test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Official U.S. Navy SEAL Information Web Site
Kustjägare (Sverige) - Wikipedia
The PR Run
Ingame you can run (jogg) 2km in around 12min (10km/h. Navy Seal requirements equals 12km/h but they do it in trousers and boots).

Consider all things that would effect your running ability in reality.
Things like running uphill, downhill and running through forests or in deep sand.
All this while wearing your weapon, ammo, bodyarmour,boots and other gear, then 10km/h isn´t that bad.
One of Swedens top trained units, Kustjägarna test soldiers on a 6.5km run, crosscountry wearing fullgear (20kg). They have to finish in less than 40min (average speed is 9.75km/h). They also have to run a 4.5km obstacle course in less then 42min (average speed 6.4km/h).

Throwing yourself on the ground, get up running some more and then throwing yourself to the ground again will make you go tired very quickly.
In general doing things that takes muscular strenght like full sprinting until you totaly gas out will also effect your jogging pace.

The PR Sprint
Ingame you can sprint 100m in around 20 sec (18km/h)witch imo is ok, again considering things that would effect that time irl. Total sprint time is around 20 sec. (This is changed to 30sec in PR 0.85)

Sprint reload time is 1min and 40sec but personally i don´t think 1 minute 40sec wait is much after sprinting a 100 meters in 20sec, then doing it again... In 20 sec. (This is also going to be changed to 1min 20sec in 0.85)

The only thing that should be changed is jumping.

Getting deadtired after 2-3 jumps is not realistic. But then again it´s not realistic to be able to jump that high either. We cant animate climbing over

I understand why the devs put it in the game but i never have and never will use tactical jumping around techniques (bunnyhopping)

(Btw i´m above 30 and run more than 2700m in 12min. Very Good according to Mr Cooper)

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