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Old 08-12-2009, 11:00 PM   #11
Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
Adding bumps in the terrain using the random tool at power 1 and smoothing just a tad after will help the rainforest look less practicable, more like a real rainforest floor, and more lively than trees sticked to a flat floor of leaves.

Uneven terrain in a forest is to be expected, and this seems like it would be a good thing to do before putting trees in to add some detail. Making it feel more like unsteady, cluttered terrain and blocking line of sight is really the objective in making a realistic forest in PR, imo.
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Old 08-13-2009, 03:13 PM   #12

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Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

Thanks guys for all the contribution, i am now on holiday in portugal so sorry i didnt reply for a day or two, and only managed to find internet here. I will continue experementing and take into account your suggestions, to make the jungle look better and more believable, aswell as making it preform well.
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Old 08-26-2009, 02:33 PM   #13

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Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

-First Post Updated-
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Old 08-26-2009, 08:30 PM   #14
Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

Biggest thing IMO that needs fixed is the ground texture... the 'brown' you are using is more of a tan/orange than a brown. I took a picture from the update and changed the hue of it so that the ground texture would change colors to the proper look.

Because the ground texture you have is leafy, a solid color feels a little strange, though... what I suggest is instead making/finding a ground texture that consists of more dark dirt (only a bit darker than pic 1 below), and placing overtop of that a level of leaves, so that the leaves will be covering the dirt for the most part, but dirt will still stick through...

And also, you could make it so that while 1 is your main ground texture, you can have parts of the ground have 'green' to them so that your bushes show up properly. However, I prefer a lot of the growth you had in the 'old project' and the new project with the green-er bushes shown in the screenshots. I would stick to undergrowth that have thin leaves like the leaves on the far-right mid of the reference picture, or the 'round' leaves shown in the reference picture, near the front on the ground.

The best 'jungle plants' in-game IMO are:
(1) the large leafy bushes seen often on I think Qinling [big, leafy, round, medium green]
(2)Palm plants from the old test [the first screenshot for thin foliage, the dark plant in the front of the picture]
Palm plant seen in the new test [refined without overgrowth, first picture, on the right, it's light green and looks similar to the other one]
Other palm plant seen in the new test [refined without overgrowth, second picture, on the right near the bottom just above the leafy bush in the corner]
(I personally prefer the second and third the most, but if some of the first are thrown in sparingly to 'change it up', then it wouldn't be a bad thing. Just imo make the second and third plants more frequently seen since it seems to be of higher detail)
(3) Smaller bushes [like in the refined without bushes, second picture, the one near the center that is at the end of the log on the left]

I posted a reference picture below. Notice that the ground is mostly a brown with leaves, but parts of the soil are exposed and add to the brown color... near the bushes in the foreground, there are a few fresh green leaves that have been dropped. Perhaps you could make around the base of trees have parts of green to show some new leaves that have fallen atop of the ground, and around bushes you can do the same so that the bushes will be 'green'?

In regards to undergrowth, look at the reference picture below for examples... Obviously it's a little extreme to try to recreate that to the tee, but you can see that there are parts where the ground has piled up along the sides, making it act kind of like a walking path, and some of the plants are arcing over the path because of the ground raising in those areas.

To really create that jungle feel, I would suggest making a few flat roads like in the picture, where there is mounds of soil on each side, varying in height and frequency, making the players a little more 'claustrophobic' since it would block their view so much. In other parts of the jungle, the terrain could open up a little bit, where it's very 'flat' (still has many bumps in the ground and such, but there aren't large mounds of dirt or an abundance of undergrowth), and some places you could pile up the dirt (raise the terrain) in areas to make it so that it is relatively hard to see over, but can be climbed (like a small hill, within the forest).

Whole bunch of ideas for you to kind of push the immersion higher, hope some of them are feasible enough to use! If you need me to clarify anything I said, let me know, I'll try to do so as best I can. Good luck!

Pictures below (I don't have photoshop, but should tomorrow when I recieve my laptop, so I'll try to get a more accurate edit if I can to accurately match the reference picture's ground):
(1) Brown, Dead leaves, base of jungle
(2) Green, freshly dropped leaves for around bushes or trees
(3) Inbetween, just incase
(4) Reference picture
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Default Re: [Map Test]Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

Originally Posted by [R-COM]marcoelnk View Post
eg villages, fields etc would solve this issue in a way though it will still be performance heavy.
Maybe Fields surrounded by chopped down trees in piles?

Deforestation not so bad now eh?


Those textures look really good the second one is a bit to bright though.

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Old 08-26-2009, 09:03 PM   #16
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Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

The flat rolling hills really kills any sense of it looking like a real jungle.
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Old 08-26-2009, 09:33 PM   #17

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Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

Greatly improved since the first post!

I don't know how to solve the undergrowth color problem, but adding undergrowth grass will surely help the jungle feel more dense.

As for the canopy, it's fine as it is. The real use of very dense canopies is that they prevent aerial units (helos and UAVs) from spotting you, IMO.

One very nice thing about jungle environment is the possibilities for cover and for concealment. Natural ditches, tiny shallows serpenting trough the forest, few small but cudly caves (from foraging/hunting animals) that give loads of possibilities for placing rallies, fire positions, ammo caches, etc.

Keep going. I feel the ground is still a bit too dark, a bit paler/dry but not too much would be good as I think the shadows made by the jungle trees will make the ground look darker like right now. Then the color variation from the ground will lookd much better because of the shadows.
My two cents, don't even know if overgrowth can be lightmapped anyway.

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Old 08-26-2009, 09:40 PM   #18

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Default Re: [Map Test] Tropical Jungle, (Quality Vs Preformance)

oh god those bush LODs are a nightmare. Check out Rhino's very sexy new overgrowth tutorial. Def worth checking out

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