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17 Dec 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 12-05-2017, 04:24 PM   #141
Default Re: BF2 HD Remastered 3.0 Beta - 2017 - Official

BFHD Remastered3 PRO - PatchB


Battlefield HD Remastered 3 PatchB (PRO) is here!

Unfortunately it is a critical complete game patch and it's needed for official multiplayer support, but thanks to the community I could make those final tuning and definitive adjustments and fixes to BFHD3.

This is the one and only patch BFHD3 will need, new content will be released! But in form of add-on to put on levels folder.

The patch also brings critical fixes and major performance improvements and brings some cool new HD content.


NEW! HD Content and Poka-Yoke Installer/Uninstaller

BFHD PatchB now comes in a complete straight forward one-click and follow up installer. Dumb-proof for guys like me that always had problem putting BF to work. Everything you need will pop up during the process, just follow the lights.

Complete Re-Work on the Rip AMR sniper rifle

It now have HD color and bump textures with new HD specular and glossiness effect for the rifle and the scope.

Fixed base 3D model and added LODs for better performance

Added new 3D Lenses Model and HD textures for scope reticle in both views, now using Alpha transparencya technique.

Fixed zoom out after fire feature, to make it similar to other BF rifles (with zoom out after fire)

It was already using RBE Ballistic tweak file and projectile.

Full HD Ground Vegetation work on Shongua Stalemate

Found it didn't have my new water lily model so I decided to add it, problem was I couldn't find my HD water lilys anymore, so yep, why not do everything from the ground? And here it is, Shongua one of the most hideous map in the BF history is now part of the top most amazing league.

Re-Worked HD Vanilla Knife
self explanatory

Vastly improved Singleplayer stability & performance!

Found some problem in the AMR weapon and ammo/medick kit that were causing Single player stability issues, fixed them! Singleplayer stability and performance has been vastly improved!I was able to play every map I've tested till the end without a single crash!

Also bots will use the AT bazooka much less on infantry now

Performance Optimization & Fixes

Multiplayer stability is 110%

7-18% performance improvement due to removed extra geometries for thrown medic pack and ammo box, they now don't become a box with new geometry (6k Polys) when thrown on the ground, they remain at the same geometry than when you hold it in your hands and also have throw physics now.

Seems not much? make the count, 6k poly x 10 keep projectiles x 64 players...that is a huge ammount of polys for any engine. They also didn't have LOD's before and now they do. Plus the medic pack which also reduces in 1.7k Polys x 10 x 64, the amount os polys being processed.

Cleaned up duplicated textures and sound files and fixed some file patches, so the game uses a bit less memory also now.

Total game size is 200MB smaller (but now it includes new HD content and DirectX Redist so the pack stays at 6GB)

Fixed wrong game modes on ManshtuurHD 16 and 32 conquest game modes

Fixed old Terrain Shader black dots issue on some rare systems.

Reduced the infantry Lod factor a bit in every map for more performance increment!

Reshade 3.1 Update

Better stability and performance and now also works on 32 bit systems.

Weapons Dammage and tweak fine tuning

Reduced damage for Scar HSV by 7% and added 8% more recoil

10% more Sraw and Smaw AT damage with larger explosion radius and improved damage model and tweak/projectile files

Re-Worked Ammo bag and Medic Pack code, ammo bag now works how it was on BF2 Vanilla

Medic pack code is brand new and much more balanced, it doesn't instantly recharge your life to 100% after being shot by a .50 Cal.

It restores yours health as a progress bar now, so you need to hide to get restored and not jump around throwing packs. Of course the more packs you have around faster you will be restored.

Project made by Roberto Sobral / B4rr3l Rid3r
Bull3t Production

Please Donate to keep it alive
Links on main FB page soon

Official FB page

Youtube Channel


Download link
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Default Re: BF2 HD Remastered 3.0 Beta - 2017 - Official

BFHD 3.0B PRO Released, sorry for the delay here guys.
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