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19 Apr 2014, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Talking Falklands Community Tasks

Hey all!

We could really use some help from the community here with getting rid of some of these place holders and filling in the gaps for PR:BF2 - Falklands (PR:F).

Below is a list of open "Community Tasks" that are up for grabs from anyone within the community to do for PR:F. Many assets have already been finished though this by community modders (many now R-CONs and R-DEVs who first started out as Community Modders) and providing your work is up to standard etc, there is no reason why it wouldn't be included into PR:F.

Please note this list doesn't include everything we need or that is currently being worked on, only stuff that's not currently being worked on and items we feel are necessary for the next or future releases. Please also note the priority of each item, as some things are higher priority than others as they are required for the next release or to fill in a critical gap in gameplay assets which are higher priority than assets that are just to remove a current place holder with the correct, historically accurate asset.

Anyone is welcome to have a go at these tasks, even beginners who want to learn the ways of the trade can help out

So please post below or PM me if you see something you would like to take on or if you have any questions and if you do take on a task I will give you all the info and refs I have on the item


Open Tasks By Priority (full details below):
  1. FM FAP LMG (Modelling Task)
  2. L14A1 Carl Gustav (Modelling Task)
  3. M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle (Modelling Task)
  4. LAW-66 (Texturing Task)
  5. Model 1968 Recoilless Gun (Modelling Task)
  6. L42A1 Sniper Rifle (Modelling Task)
  7. New FN FAL Series (Modelling Task)
  8. IA 58 Pucara (Modelling Task)
  9. Super Etendard (Modelling Task)
  10. Type 21 Frigate (Modelling Task)
  11. Rapier SAM (Modelling Task)
  12. Proper Sea Harrier FRS1 & Harrier GR3 Models (Modelling Task)
  13. Rheinmetall 20mm/75 AAA (Modelling Task)
  14. British Kit Geoms (1982) (Modelling Task)
  15. Argentine Kit Geoms (1982) (Modelling Task)
  16. Type 42 Destroyer (Modelling Task)

Texturing Tasks:
Easy Texturing Tasks:
LAW-66 Light Anti-Tank
Priority: Normal
We need someone to re-texture the M72 LAW green to look like the British version of it, the Rocket 66mm aka LAW-66 since the model has since seen an update from v0.98 with improved UVs.

Modelling Tasks:
Easy Modelling Tasks:
Priority: High
We need someone to convert our current FN FAL model into an FM FAP which is the Light Machine Gun (LMG) of the 1982 Argentine Forces, with new bipod, fore-grip and other visual differences.
[INDENT]Moderate Modelling Tasks:
L14A1 Carl Gustav
Priority: High
The proper H-AT for the Brits. Also can be used in other areas of the mod like Alternative H-AT for the US Army and other places in PR too.

M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle
Priority: Normal
The proper H-AT weapon for the Argentine Faction. Also needed for PR:V's US Forces as their H-AT.

Model 1968 Recoilless Gun
Priority: Normal
This is to be the Deployable AT for the Argentine Faction, which is similar to the SPG-9 but has wheels which means you can rotate it round much faster with the A and D keys.

L42A1 Sniper Rifle
Priority: Normal
Sniper Rifle used by the British Forces.

New FN FAL Series
Priority: Normal
The current FN FAL model is pretty low detail (only 4k tris) and has some serious UV errors as well as a few other problems and best to fix with a replacement. This includes a few variations, such as the standard FN FAL, the L1A1, the FM FAL and FM FAP, but may also include a few others. If your interested in this project please ask for more details.

Rheinmetall 20mm/75 AAA
Priority: Low
The Proper "Medium AA" used in the Falklands War by the Argentines to replace the ZPU-4 which is its current place holder.

Argentine Kit Geoms (1982)
Priority: Low
New Kit Geoms for the Argentine Forces, 1982 kit era

British Kit Geoms (1982)
Priority: Low
New Kit Geoms for the British Forces, 1982 kit era
Hard Modelling Tasks:
IA 58 Pucara
Priority: Normal
This is a Turboprop Ground Attack aircraft used by the Argentines during the Falklands war and was the only fixed wing combat aircraft to be stationed on the Falkland Islands.

Super Etendard
Priority: Normal
Argentine Attack Jet that carriers the AM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship missile and is currently represented ingame by a version of the Mirage IIIEA that carriers this missile, but isn't the correct jet for the job. Model can also be used by the French Forces as their Attack Jet up to around 2015.

Sea Harrier FRS1 & Harrier GR3
Priority: Normal
Currently ingame is the Harrier GR9 reskinned to look like the Sea Harrier FRS1 and Harrier GR3, but ideally we need new models as they are very different. This is a very hard modelling task and shouldn't be undertaken lightly.

Rapier Surface to Air Missile Launcher:
Priority: Normal
This is the "Heavy Stationary Anti-Air" for the British:

Also two versions are required, the "old" version that was used back in 1982 in the Falklands war, and the modern, updated version which is in use today and can be used in normal PR.
More Info:

Type 21 Frigate
Priority: Normal
Sinkable objective for the Argies to try and destroy. In total 6 of these Frigates where in the Naval Task Force and two where sunk, one badly damaged.
Can get a decent set of plans here, do need to buy then scan them in: Modern Royal Navy Warship & Merchant Ship Plans & Drawings for the Scale Model Maker ?

Type 42 Destroyer
Priority: Low
Sinkable objective for the Argies to try and destroy. In total 5 of these Destroyers where part of the Naval Task Force that went to the Falklands, 2 sunk (one, HMS Sheffield by an Exocet) and one was damaged during the war. Two of these are still in service today but not for very much longer so can't really be used for normal PR
Can get a decent set of plans here, do need to buy then scan them in: Modern Royal Navy Warship & Merchant Ship Plans & Drawings for the Scale Model Maker ?

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Default Re: Falklands Community Tasks

Updated OPs Tasks, Priorities and Info as well as cleaned the topic of old posts.

The main thing required is the FM FAP as currently, the Argentinians don't have a proper Light Machine Gun for the Automatic Rifleman to go up against the L4A4 Bren Gun

But on top of that we really require both the L14A1 Carl Gustav and the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle Heavy AT Weapons as the M20 Super Bazooka should in reality only be doing the damage of a Light AT. Both of these can also be used in other areas of the mod with the Carl Gustav being an alternative H-AT for the modern US Army and possibly other areas of PR, with the M67 needed for PR:V's US Forces H-AT too to replace/go along side the M20.

Again if anyone is interested in any of these tasks, don't be afraid to post below or PM me


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